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Stocks by Sector and Industry As at close of: 12/19/2014
Sector: Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing Minerals Construction Manufacturing Transport, Comms & Utilities Wholesale Trade Retail Trade Finance, Insurance & Real Estate Services Public Administration
Industry: Food & Kindred Products Tobacco Products Textile Mill Products Apparel & Other Textile Products Lumber & Wood Products Furniture & Fixtures Paper & Allied Products Printing & Publishing Chemicals & Allied Products Petroleum & Coal Products Rubber & Miscellaneous Plastics Products Leather & Leather Products Stone, Clay, Glass & Concrete Products Primary Metal Industries Fabricated Metal Products Industrial Machinery & Equipment Electronic & Electrical Equipment Transportation Equipment Instruments & Related Products Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries All
9 stocks found in Manufacturing: Leather & Leather Products Exchange
SymbolDescriptionExchange Percent Change (5 Days)DescendingPercent Change (10 Days)Percent Change (20 Days)Percent Change (50 Days)Percent Change (Ytd)
COHCOACH, INC.NYSEChart3.665.771.007.20-34.99
CAECAE INC.NYSEChart1.65-1.220.863.031.33
VRAVERA BRADLEY, INC.NASDAQ NMChart1.21-5.81-4.954.08-12.94
WWWWOLVERINE WORLD WIDE, INC.NYSEChart1.160.304.1318.55-12.49
TUMITUMI HLDGS, INC.NYSEChart0.912.6412.2417.513.28
RCKYROCKY BRANDS, INC.NASDAQ NMChart-2.28-3.08-3.68-3.48-2.95
TLFTANDY LEATHER FACTORY, INC.NASDAQ NMChart-3.83-0.23-6.38-9.28-9.84
SKXSKECHERS U.S.A., INC.NYSEChart-4.14-7.03-4.537.4070.48
ICONICONIX BRAND GROUP, INC.NASDAQ NMChart-15.13-16.87-16.29-8.14-16.10
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