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A Montage allows you to group together any list, report or chart items which you have created in other parts of the site so that you can view them at the same time. For example, you could combine a Portfolio Report for today with a Portfolio Chart for this month.
 SymbolDescription  LastChangeChange %HighLowOpenVolumeLast VolumeLast TimeExchange
GOOGALPHABET INC. - CLASS C CAPITAL STOCKQuoteChart180.2602.551.43182.512178.060178.49058,784,889  NASDAQ NM
MSFTMICROSOFT CORP.QuoteChart449.7804.080.92450.580446.510447.38034,236,413  NASDAQ NM
Symbol  PositionLast PriceLast Price ChangeLast Price Change %Market Value% of Market ValueProfit in PeriodTotal Return in Period %Total Return-to-date %A/c Ccy
Tip. Use Customize to add or remove a report or chart. Click on a report or chart to go to the detail page and change the settings for the item.

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