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Stock charts

The stock charts page allows you to create a stock chart for one or more stocks.

Symbols(,s) or description

If you already know the symbol for the stock, just enter it and click Get Chart. If you enter a part of the stock's description or the symbol is unkown you will be shown the symbol search page.

You can also enter multiple symbols separated by commas. For example, GOOG,MSFT,YHOO


Choose the style for the price chart. The current options are Line, Candlesticks, High-Low-Close, and Open-High-Low-Close.

There is also a Not Visible option which is useful when you are more interested in the price overlay than in the actual price plot. For example, you may wish to see Typical Price rather than Candlesticks.


Choose an appropriate width for the chart in pixels depending on your screen size and connection speed.


Charts will default to one bar for each day but you may prefer to use weekly bars for charts with long ranges.


Choose the range for the chart in months or years and optionally indicate the number of Blank Bars to include before the right hand Y axis.

You can also choose specific start or end dates.

Log scale

This option affects the scaling of the Y axis for the main price plot. On a non-log chart, the price scale is equally spaced, so a price increase from 10 to 20 dollars has the same increment as a price increase from 100 to 110 dollars.

Whereas a log chart, using a base of 2, will show a much smaller increment for the change from 100 to 110 dollars but will show the same for price increases of 100 to 200 as it does for 10 to 20.

Color bars

If this option is selected, candlesticks and stock bars will show as black if the Close is greater than the previous Close and red if the Close is less than the previous Close.

Regardless of this option, candlesticks will show as filled when the Close for the bar is less than the Open otherwise they will show as hollow.

Color volume

If this option is selected, the Volume study will show a Green column for bars where the Close is greater than the previous Close, Red where it is less, and Gray where there is no change.

Show prices

Select this option to load all individual prices and technical values. Each value can then be seen by moving the mouse to the appropriate day on the chart. Note that this option will affect response times particularly if there are a lot of bars on the chart.

Price overlays

Choose one or more price overlays using the dropdowns. Price overlays are drawn directly onto the price chart.

Parameter defaults are provided but you can change these to your own requirements.

Additional studies

Choose one or more additional studies using the dropdowns. Studies are each shown in a separate space below the price chart.

Parameter defaults are provided but you can change these to your own requirements.

Overlay portfolio trades

When viewing charts for stocks in your portfolio, you can overlay information about them such as when the purchase took place and the current profit. You can also show stop and target prices. View example...

Data adjustments

Please note that our charts are not adjusted for cash dividends. Stock splits are applied as they occur.

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Stock Charts


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