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Portfolio Tracking and Other FAQs

Why is Profit today sometimes different from the Price Change?

When looking at your Portfolio Report for today sometimes the Price Change and Profit in Period columns can appear to be out-of-line. This could be due to a number of reasons:

  • check that you have selected the latest Period, ie 'Today', or 'Latest' if viewing during week-end
  • if you have entered new positions today it is likely that the market price achieved was different to the previous close price
  • there may be dividend activity for the position. For example, on the day a stock goes ex-dividend the market price and Yesterday Close are adjusted to reflect the dividend. Therefore, the Price Change and Price Change % columns are also adjusted.

    However, portfolio columns such as Profit in Period and Return in Period % do not use dividend adjusted close prices so will be different to Price Change on ex-dividend day. The following day you should receive a Dividend Alert and when you apply that as a transaction your Profit in Period, etc (for the previous day) will be adjusted by the amount of the dividend bringing everything into line.


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