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Portfolio tracking

By entering your broker transactions onto a site such as this one, you can track your portfolio using a wide variety of powerful tools to gain a better insight into what is happening to your money.

Why should you use Profitspi for tracking?

  • you should use Profitspi if you feel that your present portfolio tracker or broker statements are not giving you enough feedback on your portfolio performance
  • if you have multiple broker accounts or you are planning to switch brokers you can enter your trades on Profitspi to gain a complete picture of your portfolio
  • your broker may not provide you with timely information. Profitspi is up-to-date (delayed prices) all day every day
  • a common approach to the lack of powerful portfolio tools is to create and maintain spreadsheets. However, these can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Profitspi provides a wealth of flexible reports and charts, saving you time and money
  • as well as portfolio tracking, by entering your transactions once, you can report capital gains, manage your portfolio risk, access integrated stock charts, and analyze past trading performance with no additional effort.

Even if you don't have a broker account yet you can still use Profitspi to create and and track virtual portfolios before actually investing.

What is different about Profitspi tracking?

In addition to a comprehensive range, and depth, of features the most unique aspect of Profitspi is the way it dynamically builds a daily view of how your portfolio value and profit are changing over time.

By contrast, other portfolio trackers and broker statements typically provide you with a point in time summary making it difficult to determine your portfolio performance trend or to compare different time periods. For example, this week versus last week.

Supported exchanges

The portfolio tracker covers all stocks listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ small-cap, OTCBB and OTC exchanges. You can also create personal symbols for any instrument not listed on these exchanges such as mutual funds, options, futures, etc.

Delayed data

Portfolios use delayed data which is usually 15 or 20 minutes behind real-time.

Sample reports and charts

A variety of default report and chart layouts are provided but you can change these to your own requirements using the customize option on the appropriate pages.

Subscription plans

The subscription plans page has a comparison of the portfolio features available to each user level.

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Portfolio help guide


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