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Gains Report

A Capital Gains report consists of selection criteria for Portfolio, Account and Date Range plus a fixed set of columns.

Wash Sale adjustments are automatically generated and you can see the results with or without Wash Sale adjustments applied.

To aid understanding of your gains, more information than is necessary for the tax form is shown. Remember, the Profitspi site is not able to determine all individual tax circumstances - your tax submission is your responsibility. Either use the figures shown to help complete your tax form, or export to Excel for further amendment or passing to your tax advisor or accountant.

Exclude Transactions

To exclude an entire Account from a Capital Gains report, select the Exclude from Capital Gains option on the Accounts page. To exclude an individual transaction, select the Exclude from Capital Gains option on the Transactions page.

Multiple Acquisition Dates

An '*' next to Date Acquired denotes multiple acquisition dates.

Selection Criteria

Choose the Portfolio, Account, and Date Range you wish to view. You must click on Refresh to retrieve the data.

Profitspi will remember your criteria next time you select the Capital Gains Report.

Export to Excel

Click the Export to Excel link to export the Capital Gains report currently on display.

Copy Gains Report

To add a new Capital Gains report, enter the name of your choice and click Copy Report.

Change Gains Report Name

Enter a new name for the Capital Gains report and click Save Name Change.

Delete Gains Report

You can remove a Capital Gains report by clicking on Delete Report.

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