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Dividend Alerts

Dividend Alerts are automatically created based on your portfolio position at the time a stock goes ex-dividend. You should review each alert and choose whether you wish to ignore it or whether it should be added to your account as a cash dividend or stock reinvestment transaction.

If you are not sure which action to take, you can wait for your broker statement to arrive. In any event you should cross-check your statement with your dividend transactions, and correct where required, as the alerts are based on indicative information.

Choose one Action

Choose one action for each alert. If you choose Ignore, the alert message will not show on the Portfolio Report page but you can still action the alert at a later time. Click Save Changes when you have selected a choice for each alert.

Cash and Reinvest Transactions

If you choose Cash Dividend or Reinvest Quantity this will result in a new Transaction being created within your Account. This is a one-off action. If you subsequently wish to change the transaction details you canĀ do so on the Transactions page as for any other transaction.

Show Alerts already Actioned

By default, only alerts which have not been actioned are shown. Click this box to show all alerts, including those that have been set to Ignore.

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