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Matched Transactions

The Matched Transactions page shows all matches for an Account. A Match is the automatic grouping of related transactions. In the most simple case, one buy to it's related sell.

The criteria for matching is: symbol, activity, dates, and basis method.

Matches enable the actual realized profit for each individual sale to be known, even though you may trade the same symbol multiple times and in various lot sizes.

Update Basis Method

You may use this to bulk-change the Basis Method for all the transactions on display.

Closed Position Summary

A line is shown for each closing transaction allowing you to check the calculated opening price, total costs apportioned to this trade, and therefore the gross and realized profit.

Chart of Total Profit

The chart shows the cumulative Total Profit for the duration of the match. The highest, lowest and latest values are annotated.

Daily Summary

This page also shows a daily portfolio summary showing how the matched group has performed for each date.

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