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Personal Symbols

The Personal Symbols page allows you to maintain your own symbols. You may wish to do this for any instruments such as mutual funds, futures or options which are not available via the Profitspi datafeed.

Price History

After Adding a Symbol you should click on the Price History link to go to the associated History page and enter at least one quote for the Symbol.

Add Personal Symbol

Enter the details you require in the bottom panel and click Add New Personal Symbol. You can also Edit an existing Symbol and then use Add to make a copy. After completing the Add you should click on the Symbol Name and enter at least one quote for the Symbol.

Edit Symbol Instrument

Click Edit on the line of the Symbol. The Symbol details will be displayed in the bottom panel.

Save Changes to Personal Symbol

After selecting the Symbol using Edit, overwrite any changes you require in the bottom panel and click Save Changes.

Remove Personal Symbol

You may remove one or more Instruments by selecting the checkbox at the beginning of the line containing each Symbol and clicking the Delete button at the top of the column.

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