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Stock Splits

Stock Splits are applied daily to Profitspi price history. If you have transactions for a Symbol which has a split then the price and quantity for those transactions must also be adjusted. Usually this happens automatically but you can change the default action to 'Pending' allowing you to review splits first before applying them to your transactions.

Please note that Splits must be applied to all transactions including those related to closed positions.

There may also be occasions when you need to apply your own Splits, for example when you have Imported a transaction file.

Apply 'Pending Split'

If your default Account Split action is set to 'Pending', any stock splits which relate to your transactions are listed with a 'Pending Split' button. Click 'Pending Split' to review and apply the split to your transactions.

Ignore 'Pending Split'

Alternatively, you can ignore pending splits by checking the ignore box, which will only appear for a pending split, and then clicking on the Ignore button.

Apply New Split

Enter the details you require in the bottom panel and click Apply New Split.

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