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Screener help guide

Stock screening

Stock screening is the process of progressively applying fundamental and/or technical analysis criteria to all stocks in the market to arrive at a manageable number of stocks for further analysis.

Screen criteria

In general, each screen criteria consists of a comparison between one fundamental or technical analysis value and another fundamental or technical analysis value, or a specific value.

A screen could consist of the following criteria:

This simple screen will return all stocks where the close price is greater than or equal to 10 dollars.

This screen is not very selective so we could include additional criteria as follows:

Now the screen will return all stocks where the close price is greater than or equal to 10 dollars and the close price has crossed above the 200 day moving average.

See the topics on the right hand side for more information about building screen criteria.

Stock Exchanges

The screener covers all stocks listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE_AMEX, NASDAQ small-cap, ARCA, bulletin board and pink sheets. You can choose individual exchanges or perform a search across multiple. You can also narrow your screen to specific index components.

For complete flexibility you can build watch lists of symbols and perform screens against those.

End-of-day data

Screens are based on end-of-day data and provisional information from the latest day is normally available by 5.00PM ET. A secondary update is applied by 7.45PM ET (or 8.45PM during daylight saving period). This happens immediately after we receive the daily file of cleansed market data from our data provider.

Please note that our data is not adjusted for cash dividends. Stock splits are applied as they occur.

Global screen

A special global screen is available and any criteria in this screen will be applied to all other screens. For example, you may wish to always exclude stocks where the Close Price is less than ten dollars. The easiest way to do this is via a Global Screen. You may also wish to include certain 'display only' colums within the results of each screen even though they are not part of the screen criteria. Follow the Global Criteria link on the Custom Screen page to maintain your global screen.

Sample stock screens

A variety of sample stock screens are provided. You can run these as is or as a starting to point to create screens more suited to your own requirements.

What is different about Profitspi screening?

Screeners usually fall into one of two types:

  • a limited selection of fixed criteria, often with undefined black-box criteria, Eg 'high earnings'
  • or a free-hand criteria builder based on a proprietary screening language.

Profitspi uses a dynamic interface which changes as you make each selection. This reduces the chance of confusion or errors and allows you to quickly create simple or complex screen criteria.

Another helpful feature of the Profitspi screener is that it lists all calculations associated with the screen for each stock returned in the results. Also included are links to the stock quote and stock chart pages. Charts can also include any technical analysis indicators used in the screen and you can quickly page thru each stock.

Subscription plans

See the subscriptions page for a complete comparison of the screening entitlements of each of our plans.

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Screener help guide

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