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Custom Screen

This page allows you to run screens against a selected group of stocks. You can create screens from scratch using the criteria builder, save screens for future use, access charts and quotes, and print and download the results.

See the screener help guide for more general information about the screener.

Screen criteria builder

If not already visible, click Customize criteria to display the screen criteria builder and then select the criteria you require. As you do so the text explanation immediately below will change accordingly.

For more information on creating criteria please check out the screener help guide.

Global criteria

Clicking on the Global criteria link allows you to create and maintain criteria which will be applied to all your other screens. For example, you may always wish to exclude stocks where the close price is less than 10 dollars. You can also include 'display only' columns in your global criteria and these will show in all your screen results. If you don't want the global criteria to apply for a particular screen just uncheck the Apply option.

Exchange, Index or Watch List

Choose the Exchange, Index or Watch List for the screen, Eg NASDAQ stocks only.

Close date for technical analysis criteria

Choose the close date to be used for technical analysis criteria. Usually this will be the latest close date but you can backdate your screen up to 5 years ago depending on your subscription plan.

This setting does not affect fundamental criteria as only the latest values are available for fundamentals.

Show Results as Preview Charts

You can use this option to quickly compare charts for all stocks returned by the screen. You can either click on a chart of interest and go directly to the stock charts page or set an option to have the preview charts enlarged in-situ. Setup screen chart preferences to control what is shown on the charts.

Sector : Industry

Choose a Sector or Industry to restrict the screen to companies of a particular type.

Screen Results

After building your criteria you should then click the Run Screen button to see the results. Any errors will be flagged to you, otherwise a list of stocks matching the criteria will be displayed.

Column Sorting

Click on a column heading to sort by that column. Click again for a reverse sort.

Print / Download

Click the print or excel icon to print or download the results.

Save Symbols to Watch List

Enter a name for the watch list and click Save to create a watch list from the results. Note that the number of symbols you can save in a list depends on your current subscription plan.

Screens can be run against watch lists as well as exchanges so you could use this feature to run the results of one screen against another.

My Screens

If you are logged in, you can save screens so that they are available next time you visit.

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Screener help guide

Technical Analysis criteria

Comparison conditions

Compare to a specific value

Apply a multiplier

Compare to a prior day value (Days Ago)

Backdate individual criteria (Days Before)


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