Industry Volume
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Diagnostic Substances04/12/2021
Diagnostics & Research143,039,7554/12/2021
Drug Manufacturers - General91,465,0954/12/2021
Drug Manufacturers - Major04/12/2021
Drug Manufacturers - Other1,5104/12/2021
Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic412,743,6454/12/2021
Drugs - Generic04/12/2021
Health Care Plans04/12/2021
Healthcare Plans27,627,2144/12/2021
Home Health Care04/12/2021
Long-Term Care Facilities04/12/2021
Medical Appliances & Equipment04/12/2021
Medical Care04/12/2021
Medical Care Facilities15,769,2094/12/2021
Medical Devices125,868,2854/12/2021
Medical Distribution5,476,0014/12/2021
Medical Instruments & Supplies58,650,6444/12/2021
Medical Laboratories & Research04/12/2021
Specialized Health Services04/12/2021