Industry Volume
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Diagnostic Substances012/2/2022
Diagnostics & Research62,178,98812/2/2022
Drug Manufacturers - General72,636,14212/2/2022
Drug Manufacturers - Major012/2/2022
Drug Manufacturers - Other012/2/2022
Drug Manufacturers - Specialty & Generic422,315,06512/2/2022
Drugs - Generic012/2/2022
Health Care Plans012/2/2022
Healthcare Plans25,384,48312/2/2022
Home Health Care012/2/2022
Long-Term Care Facilities012/2/2022
Medical Appliances & Equipment012/2/2022
Medical Care012/2/2022
Medical Care Facilities34,084,93112/2/2022
Medical Devices101,228,48712/2/2022
Medical Distribution7,973,24612/2/2022
Medical Instruments & Supplies31,032,53812/2/2022
Medical Laboratories & Research012/2/2022
Specialized Health Services012/2/2022