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EGHT8X8 INC9/17/2021NYSE24.60009/17/2021NYSE
JFU9F INC. - ADR9/17/2021Nasdaq GM2.05009/17/2021NGM
ABSTABSOLUTE SOFTWARE CORP.9/17/2021Nasdaq GS11.71009/17/2021NGSM
ACVAACV AUCTIONS INC. - CLASS A9/17/2021Nasdaq GS19.98009/17/2021NGSM
AGYSAGILYSYS, INC.9/17/2021Nasdaq GS53.19009/17/2021NGSM
AGMHAGM GROUP HLDGS INC. - CLASS A9/17/2021Nasdaq CM9.29009/17/2021NCM
APIAGORA, INC. - ADS9/17/2021Nasdaq GS29.29009/17/2021NGSM
ALRMALARM.COM HLDGS, INC.9/17/2021Nasdaq GS81.45009/17/2021NGSM
ALITALIGHT, INC. CLASS A9/17/2021NYSE12.36009/17/2021NYSE
ALKTALKAMI TECH, INC.9/17/2021Nasdaq GS26.91009/17/2021NGSM
AYXALTERYX, INC. CLASS A9/17/2021NYSE71.69009/17/2021NYSE
AMSWAAMERICAN SOFTWARE, INC. - CLASS A9/17/2021Nasdaq GS24.36009/17/2021NGSM
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