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BKNBLACKROCK INVESTMENT QUALITY MUNICIPAL TRUST INC. 3/7/2018NYSE13.68003/7/2018NYSE13.670013.710013.770013.730013.690013.7500
CASACASA SYSTEMS, INC.3/7/2018Nasdaq GS24.10003/7/2018NGSM24.000024.330025.900024.520024.165025.0000
DNOWNOW INC.3/7/2018NYSE10.52003/7/2018NYSE10.500010.550010.850010.800010.525010.8500
EOTEATON VANCE MUNICIPAL INCOME TRUST EATON VANCE NAT3/7/2018NYSE20.98003/7/2018NYSE20.960021.030021.080021.072020.995021.0800
HSBC-AHSBC HLDGS, PLC. ADR SER A REP 1/40 PFD SER A3/7/2018NYSE25.82003/7/2018NYSE25.790025.900025.980025.910025.845025.9500
MS-GMORGAN STANLEY DEPOSITARY SHARES REPRESENTING 1/103/7/2018NYSE26.52003/7/2018NYSE26.500026.550026.610026.600026.525026.6100
PGZPRINCIPAL REAL ESTATE INCOME FUND OF BENEFICIAL IN3/7/2018NYSE16.71003/7/2018NYSE16.670016.780016.830016.780016.725016.8000
SPISPI ENERGY CO., LTD.3/7/2018Nasdaq GS0.79593/7/2018NGSM0.79500.80500.82000.81100.80000.8200
TVIXCREDIT SUISSE AG - VELOCITYSHARES DAILY 2X VIX SHO3/7/2018Nasdaq GM8.19003/7/2018NGM8.10008.36009.15508.96008.23009.0000
VIIXCREDIT SUISSE AG - VELOCITYSHARES VIX SHORT TERM E3/7/2018Nasdaq GM18.24503/7/2018NGM18.180018.450019.290019.050018.315019.1900
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