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% Diff. (Open Close) less than 0.05 and % Diff. (Open Close) greater than -0.05 and Low. Shadow greater than 0 and Upp. Shadow greater than 0
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date % Diff. (Open Close) Low. Shadow Upp. Shadow
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AATAMERICAN ASSETS TRUST, INC.11/1/2019NYSE48.930011/1/2019NYSE-0.04090.38000.0600
ADSWADVANCED DISPOSAL SERVICES, INC.11/1/2019NYSE32.810011/1/2019NYSE0.03050.02000.0350
AEYADDVANTAGE TECH GROUP, INC.11/1/2019Nasdaq GM2.249911/1/2019NGM0.00440.04990.0292
ALEXALEXANDER & BALDWIN, INC. REIT HLDG COMPANY11/1/2019NYSE23.720011/1/2019NYSE-0.04220.53000.0500
AMWDAMERICAN WOODMARK CORP.11/1/2019Nasdaq GS99.590011/1/2019NGSM0.02010.28002.0100
ANIPANI PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.11/1/2019Nasdaq GM78.480011/1/2019NGM-0.03820.50001.0100
BAC-EBANK OF AMERICA CORP. DEPOSITARY SH REPSTG 1/1000T11/1/2019NYSE24.120011/1/2019NYSE0.04150.06930.0700
BK-CBANK OF NEW YORK MELLON CORP. (THE) DEP SHS REPSTG11/1/2019NYSE25.620011/1/2019NYSE-0.03900.03990.0574
CCEPCOCA-COLA EUROPEAN PARTNERS PLC11/1/2019NYSE53.850011/1/2019NYSE0.03710.17000.6500
CIGICOLLIERS INTL GROUP INC. - SUBORDINATE VOTING SHA11/1/2019Nasdaq GS67.410011/1/2019NGSM0.04450.31000.3500
CKHSEACOR HLDGS INC.11/1/2019NYSE43.410011/1/2019NYSE-0.02300.37000.4200
CLNY-BCOLONY CAPITAL, INC. 8.25% SERIES B CUMULATIVE RED11/1/2019NYSE25.520011/1/2019NYSE-0.01450.07620.0500
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