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AEBAEGON N.V. PERP. CAP. SECS. FLOATING RATE (NETHERL2/14/2020NYSE25.02002/14/2020NYSE0.04000.03000.0300
AFCALLIED CAPITAL CORP. ALLIED CAPITAL CORP. 6.875% N2/14/2020NYSE26.93012/14/2020NYSE0.03680.00010.0250
AGNCPAGNC INVESTMENT CORP. - DEPOSITARY SHARES EACH REP2/14/2020Nasdaq GS24.89992/14/2020NGSM0.00040.01990.0400
ALGALAMO GROUP, INC.2/14/2020NYSE130.13002/14/2020NYSE-0.04610.49501.3300
ALL-GALLSTATE CORP. (THE) DEPOSITARY SHARES EACH REPRES2/14/2020NYSE27.71622/14/2020NYSE0.01370.08510.1100
ALTYGLOBAL X SUPERDIVIDEND ALTERNATIVES ETF2/14/2020Nasdaq GM15.01502/14/2020NGM-0.03330.01000.0050
AMGAFFILIATED MANAGERS GROUP, INC.2/14/2020NYSE82.90002/14/2020NYSE-0.03620.74000.2200
AMTDTD AMERITRADE HLDG CORP.2/14/2020Nasdaq GS49.54002/14/2020NGSM-0.04040.53500.1604
AMTXAEMETIS, INC2/14/2020Nasdaq GM0.80002/14/2020NGM0.04140.00990.0293
ANH-CANWORTH MORTGAGE ASSET CORP. 7.625% SERIES C CUMU2/14/2020NYSE25.45002/14/2020NYSE0.03930.00440.0553
ANIKANIKA THERAPEUTICS INC.2/14/2020Nasdaq GS41.48002/14/2020NGSM0.02410.36000.7280
AQNAALGONQUIN POWER & UTILITIES CORP. 6.875% FIXED-TO-2/14/2020NYSE28.41002/14/2020NYSE-0.03520.04500.1219
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