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Open equal to High and Close equal to High and Low less than Close * 0.99
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open High Low Close * 0.99
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CPACCEMENTOS PACASMAYO S.A.A. ADR (EACH REPRESENTING F11/18/2021NYSE6.830011/18/2021NYSE6.83006.83006.70006.7617
FSTRL.B. FOSTER COMPANY11/18/2021Nasdaq GS17.250011/18/2021NGSM17.250017.250017.070017.0775
PDLBPDL COMMUNITY BANCORP11/18/2021Nasdaq GM15.400011/18/2021NGM15.400015.400015.085615.2460
ROIVWROIVANT SCIENCES LTD. - WARRANT11/18/2021Nasdaq GM1.500011/18/2021NGM1.50001.50001.41001.4850
VPNGLOBAL X DATA CENTER REITS & DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTUR11/18/2021Nasdaq GM18.000011/18/2021NGM18.000018.000017.790017.8200
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