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DLNG-ADYNAGAS LNG PARTNERS LP 9.00% SERIES A CUMULATIVE 7/17/2020NYSE21.07007/17/2020NYSE21.070021.070020.570020.8593
DSXDIANA SHIPPING INC.7/17/2020NYSE1.41007/17/2020NYSE1.41001.41001.39001.3959
HKIBAMTD INTL INC. ADR, EACH REPRESENTING ONE CLASS A 7/17/2020NYSE6.60007/17/2020NYSE6.60006.60006.50036.5340
IHDVOYA EMERGING MARKETS HIGH INCOME DIVIDEND EQUITY 7/17/2020NYSE6.40007/17/2020NYSE6.40006.40006.32006.3360
JIH+JUNIPER INDUSTRIAL HLDGS, INC. REDEEMABLE WTS INCL7/17/2020NYSE1.00007/17/2020NYSE1.00001.00000.97000.9900
RCSPIMCO STRATEGIC INCOME FUND, INC.7/17/2020NYSE6.33007/17/2020NYSE6.33006.33006.21006.2667
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