Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Open equal to High and Close equal to High and Low less than Close * 0.99
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open High Low Close * 0.99
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AEGAEGON N.V.3/5/2019NYSE5.32003/5/2019NYSE5.32005.32005.26005.2668
CTAAQWEST CORP. 7% NOTES DUE 20563/5/2019NYSE24.80003/5/2019NYSE24.800024.800024.250024.5520
CTDDQWEST CORP. 6.75% NOTES DUE 20573/5/2019NYSE22.47003/5/2019NYSE22.470022.470021.800022.2453
EMMSEMMIS COMMUNICATIONS CORP. - CLASS A3/5/2019Nasdaq GS3.80003/5/2019NGSM3.80003.80003.69113.7620
INODINNODATA INC.3/5/2019Nasdaq GM1.45003/5/2019NGM1.45001.45001.40011.4355
LHC+LEO HLDGS CORP. WTS, EACH WHOLE WT EXERCISABLE FOR3/5/2019NYSE0.79003/5/2019NYSE0.79000.79000.77000.7821
MUXMCEWEN MINING INC.3/5/2019NYSE1.77003/5/2019NYSE1.77001.77001.73001.7523
MYFWFIRST WESTERN FINANCIAL, INC.3/5/2019Nasdaq GS13.50003/5/2019NGSM13.500013.500013.127513.3650
SMMTSUMMIT THERAPEUTICS PLC - ADR3/5/2019Nasdaq GM2.25003/5/2019NGM2.25002.25002.07012.2275
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