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Open equal to High and Close equal to High and Low less than Close * 0.99
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open High Low Close * 0.99
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ATAXAMERICA FIRST MULTIFAMILY INVESTORS, L.P. - BENEFI3/7/2018Nasdaq GS6.35003/7/2018NGSM6.35006.35006.25506.2865
BORNCHINA NEW BORUN CORP. ADR3/7/2018NYSE1.37003/7/2018NYSE1.37001.37001.31001.3563
DACDANAOS CORP.3/7/2018NYSE1.30003/7/2018NYSE1.30001.30001.25001.2870
NM-HNAVIOS MARITIME HLDGS INC. ADR REPRESENTING 1/100T3/7/2018NYSE13.90003/7/2018NYSE13.900013.900013.750013.7610
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