Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Open equal to High and Close equal to High and Low less than Close * 0.99
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open High Low Close * 0.99
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AFARWAURA FAT PROJECTS ACQUISITION CORP - WARRANT5/3/2024Nasdaq GM0.01505/3/2024NGM0.01500.01500.01340.0149
ATIPATI PHYSICAL THERAPY, INC. CLASS A5/3/2024NYSE4.62995/3/2024NYSE4.62994.62994.48004.5836
BWFGBANKWELL FINANCIAL GROUP, INC.5/3/2024Nasdaq GM24.00005/3/2024NGM24.000024.000023.703023.7600
ECXECARX HLDGS INC. - CLASS A5/3/2024Nasdaq GM1.66005/3/2024NGM1.66001.66001.55001.6434
EFC-AELLINGTON FINANCIAL INC. 6.750% SERIES A FIXED-TO-5/3/2024NYSE24.35005/3/2024NYSE24.350024.350024.100024.1065
GNFTGENFIT S.A. - ADR5/3/2024Nasdaq GS3.66005/3/2024NGSM3.66003.66003.49003.6234
GWH+ESS TECH, INC. WARRANT5/3/2024NYSE0.07005/3/2024NYSE0.07000.07000.06810.0693
MYTEMYT NETHERLANDS PARENT B.V. ADR, EACH REPRESENTING5/3/2024NYSE4.27005/3/2024NYSE4.27004.27004.00004.2273
PSNYWPOLESTAR AUTOMOTIVE HLDG UK LIMITED - CLASS C-1 AD5/3/2024Nasdaq GM0.15005/3/2024NGM0.15000.15000.14360.1485
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