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Open equal to High and Close equal to High and Low less than Close * 0.99
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open High Low Close * 0.99
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AIRTWAIR T, INC. - AIR T FUNDING WTS TO PURCHASE TRUST 7/1/2019Nasdaq GM0.07007/1/2019NGM0.07000.07000.06010.0693
DCIXPERFORMANCE SHIPPING INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GS0.98007/1/2019NGSM0.98000.98000.96000.9702
FNB-EF.N.B. CORP. DEPOSITARY SHARES, EACH REPRESENTING 7/1/2019NYSE28.82007/1/2019NYSE28.820028.820028.230028.5318
HMNFHMN FINANCIAL, INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GM21.00007/1/2019NGM21.000021.000020.510020.7900
QADBQAD INC. - CLASS B7/1/2019Nasdaq GS30.99007/1/2019NGSM30.990030.990030.390030.6801
TOO-BTEEKAY OFFSHORE PARTNERS L.P. 8.50% SERIES B CUMUL7/1/2019NYSE17.55007/1/2019NYSE17.550017.550017.279317.3745
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