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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open High Low Close * 0.99
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BHVBLACKROCK VIRGINIA MUNICIPAL BOND TRUST3/29/2021NYSE16.68003/29/2021NYSE16.680016.680016.460016.5132
CTAC+CERBERUS TELECOM ACQUISITION CORP. WTS INCLUDED AS3/29/2021NYSE1.07003/29/2021NYSE1.07001.07000.94561.0593
LEAP+RIBBIT LEAP, LTD. WTS, EACH WHOLE WT EXERCISABLE F3/29/2021NYSE3.00003/29/2021NYSE3.00003.00002.89002.9700
MH-AMAIDEN HLDGS, LTD. PREF SHS SER A (BERMUDA)3/29/2021NYSE14.00003/29/2021NYSE14.000014.000013.805013.8600
OCAOMNICHANNEL ACQUISITION CORP. CLASS A3/29/2021NYSE9.79003/29/2021NYSE9.79009.79009.66009.6921
SPRQ+SPARTAN ACQUISITION CORP. II WTS, EXERCISABLE FOR 3/29/2021NYSE1.67003/29/2021NYSE1.67001.67001.58011.6533
TLGA+TLG ACQUISITION ONE CORP. WTS, EACH EXERCISABLE FO3/29/2021NYSE0.61003/29/2021NYSE0.61000.61000.57000.6039
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