Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Open equal to Low and Close equal to Low and High greater than Close * 1.01
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open Low High Close * 1.01
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ALTGALTA EQUIPMENT GROUP INC. CLASS A3/20/2020NYSE3.76003/20/2020NYSE3.76003.76004.43003.7976
ASLNASLAN PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED - ADR3/20/2020Nasdaq GM1.00003/20/2020NGM1.00001.00001.10281.0100
JBNSELECT ASSET INC. SELECT ASSET INC. ON BEHALF OF C3/20/2020NYSE2.15003/20/2020NYSE2.15002.15002.23342.1715
MOHOECMOHO LIMITED - ADR3/20/2020Nasdaq GM8.00003/20/2020NGM8.00008.00009.50008.0800
SSBISUMMIT STATE BANK3/20/2020Nasdaq GM6.97003/20/2020NGM6.97006.97007.39197.0397
WEYSWEYCO GROUP, INC.3/20/2020Nasdaq GS17.00003/20/2020NGSM17.000017.000018.800017.1700
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