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Open equal to Low and Close equal to Low and High greater than Close * 1.01
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open Low High Close * 1.01
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ADEX+ADIT EDTECH ACQUISITION CORP. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH4/26/2021NYSE0.48014/26/2021NYSE0.48010.48010.50000.4849
APTSPFD APARTMENT COMMUNITIES, INC.4/26/2021NYSE10.46004/26/2021NYSE10.460010.460010.620010.5646
CSPICSP INC.4/26/2021Nasdaq GM9.50004/26/2021NGM9.50009.50009.85999.5950
GOAC+GO ACQUISITION CORP. WTS, EACH WHOLE WT EXERCISABL4/26/2021NYSE1.00004/26/2021NYSE1.00001.00001.03001.0100
LOKM+LIVE OAK MOBILITY ACQUISITION CORP. WTS, EXERCISAB4/26/2021NYSE1.50004/26/2021NYSE1.50001.50001.56661.5150
NGAB+NORTHERN GENESIS ACQUISITION CORP. II REDEEMABLE W4/26/2021NYSE1.44004/26/2021NYSE1.44001.44001.50001.4544
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