Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Open equal to Low and Close equal to Low and High greater than Close * 1.01
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open Low High Close * 1.01
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APRNBLUE APRON HLDGS, INC. CLASS A11/27/2018NYSE1.070011/27/2018NYSE1.07001.07001.10001.0807
CYHHZCOMMUNITY HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. - SERIES A CONTINGE11/27/2018Nasdaq GM0.001511/27/2018NGM0.00150.00150.00170.0015
GNMXAEVI GENOMIC MEDICINE, INC.11/27/2018Nasdaq GM1.050011/27/2018NGM1.05001.05001.11001.0605
NOVNNOVAN, INC.11/27/2018Nasdaq GM1.990011/27/2018NGM1.99001.99002.04322.0099
NVFYNOVA LIFESTYLE, INC11/27/2018Nasdaq GM1.000011/27/2018NGM1.00001.00001.05881.0100
SNCRSYNCHRONOSS TECH, INC.11/27/2018Nasdaq GS5.980011/27/2018NGSM5.98005.98006.04006.0398
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