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Open equal to Low and Close equal to Low and High greater than Close * 1.01
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open Low High Close * 1.01
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CCVI+CHURCHILL CAPITAL CORP VI WTS, EACH EXERCISABLE FO1/19/2023NYSE0.04001/19/2023NYSE0.04000.04000.04100.0404
ECXECARX HLDGS INC. - CLASS A1/19/2023Nasdaq GM6.82001/19/2023NGM6.82006.82008.00006.8882
LGSTWSEMPER PARATUS ACQUISITION CORP. - WARRANT1/19/2023Nasdaq GM0.02011/19/2023NGM0.02010.02010.02040.0203
NMTNUVEEN MASSACHUSETTS QUALITY MUNICIPAL INCOME FUND1/19/2023NYSE10.91001/19/2023NYSE10.910010.910011.020011.0191
OLITWOMNILIT ACQUISITION CORP. - WTS.1/19/2023Nasdaq GM0.06011/19/2023NGM0.06010.06010.07000.0607
OVBCOHIO VALLEY BANC CORP.1/19/2023Nasdaq GM26.00001/19/2023NGM26.000026.000026.480026.2600
PEPLWPEPPERLIME HEALTH ACQUISITION CORP. - WARRRANT1/19/2023Nasdaq GM0.05001/19/2023NGM0.05000.05000.05800.0505
PROCWPROCAPS GROUP, S.A. - WTS1/19/2023Nasdaq GM0.36001/19/2023NGM0.36000.36000.38440.3636
PSPC+POST HLDGS PARTNERING CORP. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH W1/19/2023NYSE0.10001/19/2023NYSE0.10000.10000.10360.1010
TOACUTALON 1 ACQUISITION CORP. - UNIT1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.43001/19/2023NGM10.430010.430010.900010.5343
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