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Open equal to Low and Close equal to Low and High greater than Close * 1.01
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Open Low High Close * 1.01
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AAC+ARES ACQUISITION CORP. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHOLE 5/17/2023NYSE0.68005/17/2023NYSE0.68000.68000.70000.6868
CYDCHINA YUCHAI INTL LIMITED5/17/2023NYSE8.00005/17/2023NYSE8.00008.00008.21008.0800
ICNC+ICONIC SPORTS ACQUISITION CORP. REDEEMABLE WTS, EA5/17/2023NYSE0.12005/17/2023NYSE0.12000.12000.12200.1212
RENNRENREN INC. ADR, EACH REPRESENTING FIFTEEN CLASS A5/17/2023NYSE1.01005/17/2023NYSE1.01001.01001.03701.0201
SVIIRSPRING VALLEY ACQUISITION CORP. II - RIGHTS5/17/2023Nasdaq GM0.12005/17/2023NGM0.12000.12000.14100.1212
SZZLWSIZZLE ACQUISITION CORP. - WARRANT5/17/2023Nasdaq GM0.27005/17/2023NGM0.27000.27000.33710.2727
VLD+VELO3D, INC. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHOLE WT EXERCIS5/17/2023NYSE0.23005/17/2023NYSE0.23000.23000.25990.2323
XPDBWPOWER & DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE ACQUISITION II CORP5/17/2023Nasdaq GM0.08025/17/2023NGM0.08020.08020.10500.0810
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