Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Low. Shadow greater than Real Body * 2 and Real Body greater than or equal to Upp. Shadow * 3 and Close [-1] less than Close [-3] and Close [-3] less than Close [-5]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Low. Shadow Real Body * 2 Real Body Upp. Shadow * 3 Close [-1] Close [-3] Close [-5]
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BCOMB COMMUNICATIONS LTD.7/20/2020Nasdaq GS2.27777/20/2020NGSM0.05510.02460.01230.00002.23002.28002.4000
MUEBLACKROCK MUNIHLDGS QUALITY FUND II, INC.7/20/2020NYSE12.84007/20/2020NYSE0.08000.02000.01000.000012.770012.790012.8400
BTIBRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO INDUSTRIES, P.L.C. ADR7/20/2020NYSE34.68007/20/2020NYSE0.35500.26000.13000.060035.440036.310036.5000
QKQ&K INTL GROUP LIMITED - ADR7/20/2020Nasdaq GM9.45007/20/2020NGM0.49000.12000.06000.00008.95369.500010.7300
REDURISE EDUCATION CAYMAN LTD - ADR7/20/2020Nasdaq GM3.42007/20/2020NGM0.06170.02000.01000.00003.39003.54003.5900
MSCSTUDIO CITY INTL HLDGS LIMITED ADR, EACH REPRESENT7/20/2020NYSE14.91417/20/2020NYSE0.57410.11160.05580.000013.620014.250015.3330
WEIWEIDAI LTD. ADR, EACH REPRESENTING ONE (1) CLASS 7/20/2020NYSE1.20007/20/2020NYSE0.05000.04000.02000.00001.17001.25001.2650
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