Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Low. Shadow greater than Real Body * 2 and Real Body greater than or equal to Upp. Shadow * 3 and Close [-1] less than Close [-3] and Close [-3] less than Close [-5]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Low. Shadow Real Body * 2 Real Body Upp. Shadow * 3 Close [-1] Close [-3] Close [-5]
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AVAAVISTA CORP.1/4/2019NYSE42.15001/4/2019NYSE0.62000.32000.16000.000041.970042.480042.6600
PFHCABCO TR JCP 7.6251/4/2019NYSE7.26121/4/2019NYSE0.19720.10240.05120.00006.97007.11007.3130
LOVETHE LOVESAC COMPANY1/4/2019Nasdaq GM22.71001/4/2019NGM0.30000.20000.10000.000022.570022.940023.5900
AGNDWISDOMTREE BARCLAYS NEGATIVE DURATION U.S. AGGREGA1/4/2019Nasdaq GM42.50001/4/2019NGM0.16000.10000.05000.000042.300042.505042.6600
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