Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Low. Shadow greater than Real Body * 2 and Real Body greater than or equal to Upp. Shadow * 3 and Close [-1] greater than Close [-3] and Close [-3] greater than Close [-5]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Low. Shadow Real Body * 2 Real Body Upp. Shadow * 3 Close [-1] Close [-3] Close [-5]
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COKECOCA-COLA CONSOLIDATED, INC.5/10/2022Nasdaq GS502.61005/10/2022NGSM24.15009.22004.61001.7400497.1400469.7300449.5300
EVNEATON VANCE MUNICIPAL INCOME TRUST5/10/2022NYSE11.52005/10/2022NYSE0.20000.14000.07000.030011.400011.250011.2400
PGSSPEGASUS DIGITAL MOBILITY ACQUISITION CORP. CLASS A5/10/2022NYSE9.95005/10/2022NYSE0.04000.02000.01000.00009.95009.94009.9300
UVVUNIVERSAL CORP.5/10/2022NYSE57.76005/10/2022NYSE1.10000.90000.45000.060058.080057.800057.6500
WEYSWEYCO GROUP, INC.5/10/2022Nasdaq GS27.90005/10/2022NGSM1.21001.04000.52000.255027.380023.670023.6100
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