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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Upp. Shadow Low. Shadow Real Body % Diff. (Close Open)
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ADVWWADVANTAGE SOLUTIONS INC. - WARRANT7/13/2021Nasdaq GS2.57007/13/2021NGSM0.00000.00000.19007.9832
ATA+AMERICAS TECH ACQUISITION CORP. REDEEMABLE WTS, EA7/13/2021NYSE0.75007/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.01492.0337
CAS+CASCADE ACQUISITION CORP. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHO7/13/2021NYSE1.07017/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.02011.9143
CSTA+CONSTELLATION ACQUISITION CORP I REDEEMABLE WTS, E7/13/2021NYSE0.97017/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.02002.1050
CPTK+CROWN PROPTECH ACQUISITIONS REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH W7/13/2021NYSE0.84017/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.01992.4262
EQSEQUUS TOTAL RETURN, INC.7/13/2021NYSE2.06007/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.250013.8122
FZT+FAST ACQUISITION CORP. II REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHO7/13/2021NYSE1.40007/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.05003.7037
GSQD+G SQUARED ASCEND I INC. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHOLE7/13/2021NYSE1.18007/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.07006.3063
HIGA+H.I.G. ACQUISITION CORP. WTS, EACH WHOLE WT EXERCI7/13/2021NYSE1.13007/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.02001.8018
LIII+LEO HLDGS III CORP. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHOLE WT 7/13/2021NYSE1.17007/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.02001.7391
NAIINATURAL ALTERNATIVES INTL, INC.7/13/2021Nasdaq GM17.34007/13/2021NGM0.00000.00000.52863.1443
NXU+NOVUS CAPITAL CORP. II REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHOLE 7/13/2021NYSE1.28007/13/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.08006.6667
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