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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Upp. Shadow Low. Shadow Real Body % Diff. (Close Open)
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AEVA+AEVA TECH, INC. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHOLE WT EXER9/16/2022NYSE0.41999/16/2022NYSE0.00000.00000.02997.6667
AWFALLIANCEBERNSTEIN GLOBAL HIGH INCOME FUND9/16/2022NYSE9.66009/16/2022NYSE0.00000.00000.19002.0063
REITALPS ACTIVE REIT ETF9/16/2022Nasdaq GM25.61009/16/2022NGM0.00000.00000.29001.1453
ATAQ+ALTIMAR ACQUISITION CORP. III WTS, EACH WHOLE WT E9/16/2022NYSE0.12479/16/2022NYSE0.00000.00000.00473.9167
AMBC+AMBAC FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. WTS9/16/2022NYSE2.87009/16/2022NYSE0.00000.00000.490020.5882
WNNR+ANDRETTI ACQUISITION CORP. REDEEMABLE PUBLIC WTS, 9/16/2022NYSE0.14009/16/2022NYSE0.00000.00000.021718.3432
ANAC+ARCTOS NORTHSTAR ACQUISITION CORP. WTS, EACH WHOLE9/16/2022NYSE0.10009/16/2022NYSE0.00000.00000.010011.1111
AHH-AARMADA HOFFLER PROPERTIES, INC. 6.75% SERIES A CUM9/16/2022NYSE24.69009/16/2022NYSE0.00000.00000.85003.5654
ATIP+ATI PHYSICAL THERAPY, INC. WTS9/16/2022NYSE0.10619/16/2022NYSE0.00000.00000.022026.1593
PYPTAXS 1.5X PYPL BULL DAILY ETF9/16/2022Nasdaq GM45.35979/16/2022NGM0.00000.00000.84971.9090
PFELAXS 2X PFE BULL DAILY ETF9/16/2022Nasdaq GM25.72199/16/2022NGM0.00000.00000.26191.0287
DSPCAXS DE-SPAC ETF9/16/2022Nasdaq GM7.52089/16/2022NGM0.00000.00000.07491.0059
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