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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Upp. Shadow Low. Shadow Real Body % Diff. (Close Open)
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ACEL+ACCEL ENTERTAINMENT, INC. WTS6/18/2020NYSE2.50006/18/2020NYSE0.00000.00000.06002.4590
ATVACORN INTL, INC. ADS6/18/2020NYSE12.95006/18/2020NYSE0.00000.00000.45003.6000
AIRTPAIR T, INC. - TRUST PFD SECURITIES6/18/2020Nasdaq GM20.00006/18/2020NGM0.00000.00000.20001.0101
AMBC+AMBAC FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. WTS6/18/2020NYSE5.80006/18/2020NYSE0.00000.00000.680013.2813
AMTBBAMERANT BANCORP INC. - CLASS B6/18/2020Nasdaq GS11.67006/18/2020NGSM0.00000.00000.65005.8984
FINSANGEL OAK FINANCIAL STRATEGIES INCOME TERM TRUST O6/18/2020NYSE17.10006/18/2020NYSE0.00000.00000.57053.4514
AICARLINGTON ASSET INVESTMENT CORP 6.750% NOTES DUE 26/18/2020NYSE22.85006/18/2020NYSE0.00000.00000.40001.7817
AI-CARLINGTON ASSET INVESTMENT CORP 8.250% SERIES C FI6/18/2020NYSE20.13006/18/2020NYSE0.00000.00000.54002.7565
AUBNAUBURN NATIONAL BANCORP., INC.6/18/2020Nasdaq GM56.75006/18/2020NGM0.00000.00002.55004.7048
BHR-DBRAEMAR HOTELS & RESORTS INC. 8.25% SERIES D CUMUL6/18/2020NYSE15.09126/18/2020NYSE0.00000.00000.84125.9032
CPACCEMENTOS PACASMAYO S.A.A. ADR (EACH REPRESENTING F6/18/2020NYSE8.00006/18/2020NYSE0.00000.00000.800011.1111
COKECOCA-COLA CONSOLIDATED, INC.6/18/2020Nasdaq GS243.83006/18/2020NGSM0.00000.00005.79002.4324
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