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Upp. Shadow equal to 0 and Low. Shadow equal to 0 and Real Body greater than 0 and % Diff. (Close Open) greater than 1
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Upp. Shadow Low. Shadow Real Body % Diff. (Close Open)
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ARAYACCURAY INC.6/1/2018Nasdaq GS4.50006/1/2018NGSM0.00000.00000.20004.6512
ASRVAMERISERV FINANCIAL INC.6/1/2018Nasdaq GM4.30006/1/2018NGM0.00000.00000.05001.1765
ATATLANTIC POWER CORP. (CANADA)6/1/2018NYSE2.20006/1/2018NYSE0.00000.00000.15007.3171
BBDOBANCO BRADESCO SA ADR (EACH REPRESENTING ONE COMMO6/1/2018NYSE7.26006/1/2018NYSE0.00000.00000.21002.9787
BELFABEL FUSE INC. - CLASS A6/1/2018Nasdaq GS18.90006/1/2018NGSM0.00000.00001.15806.5269
CLNS-ICOLONY NORTHSTAR, INC. 7.15% SERIES I CUMULATIVE R6/1/2018NYSE23.09006/1/2018NYSE0.00000.00000.24001.0503
CCZCOMCAST HLDGS ZONES6/1/2018NYSE55.37006/1/2018NYSE0.00000.00000.77001.4103
CODI-BCOMPASS DIVERSIFIED HLDGS 7.875% SERIES B FIXED-TO6/1/2018NYSE22.99006/1/2018NYSE0.00000.00000.27001.1884
DRADDIGIRAD CORP.6/1/2018Nasdaq GM1.70006/1/2018NGM0.00000.00000.05003.0303
DRUADOMINION ENERGY, INC. 2016 SERIES A 5.25% ENHANCED6/1/2018NYSE24.96006/1/2018NYSE0.00000.00000.29001.1755
ETWEATON VANCE CORP. EATON VANCE TAX-MANAGED GLOBAL B6/1/2018NYSE11.74006/1/2018NYSE0.00000.00000.14001.2069
EEIECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT, INC. - CLASS A6/1/2018Nasdaq GM13.60006/1/2018NGM0.00000.00000.60004.6154
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