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Upp. Shadow equal to 0 and Low. Shadow equal to 0 and Real Body greater than 0 and % Diff. (Close Open) greater than 1
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Upp. Shadow Low. Shadow Real Body % Diff. (Close Open)
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APTV-AAPTIV PLC 5.50% SERIES A MANDATORY CONV. PFD SHARE2/22/2021NYSE180.87002/22/2021NYSE0.00000.00003.46001.9503
BELFABEL FUSE INC. - CLASS A2/22/2021Nasdaq GS16.70002/22/2021NGSM0.00000.00001.11627.1626
SLVOCREDIT SUISSE SILVER SHARES COVERED CALL EXCHANGE 2/22/2021Nasdaq GM6.81002/22/2021NGM0.00000.00000.14002.0990
DISCBDISCOVERY, INC. - SERIES B2/22/2021Nasdaq GS58.19002/22/2021NGSM0.00000.00006.310012.1627
EOTEATON VANCE MUNICIPAL INCOME TRUST EATON VANCE NAT2/22/2021NYSE22.00002/22/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.77003.6269
AGM.AFEDERAL AGRICULTURAL MORTGAGE CORP.2/22/2021NYSE77.76002/22/2021NYSE0.00000.00003.26004.3758
THFFFIRST FINANCIAL CORP. INDIANA2/22/2021Nasdaq GS42.97002/22/2021NGSM0.00000.00001.17002.7990
FPAFIRST TRUST ASIA PACIFIC EX-JAPAN ALPHADEX FUND2/22/2021Nasdaq GM34.95992/22/2021NGM0.00000.00000.34851.0069
GCOGENESCO INC.2/22/2021NYSE47.70002/22/2021NYSE0.00000.00002.89006.4495
HMLPHOEGH LNG PARTNERS LP COMMON UNITS REPRESENTING LI2/22/2021NYSE16.30002/22/2021NYSE0.00000.00000.60003.8217
IEPICAHN ENTERPRISES L.P. - DEPOSITARY UNITS2/22/2021Nasdaq GS67.59002/22/2021NGSM0.00000.00002.19003.3486
IVAINVENTIVA S.A. - ADR2/22/2021Nasdaq GM16.50002/22/2021NGM0.00000.00000.50003.1250
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