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AMH-GAMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT SERIES G CUMULATIVE REDEEMAB3/29/2021NYSE25.99003/29/2021NYSE25.820026.000025.777825.820025.910025.7778
BWGBRANDYWINEGLOBAL GLOBAL INCOME OPPORTUNITIES FUND 3/29/2021NYSE11.98003/29/2021NYSE11.960011.990011.930011.960011.975011.9300
CHMI-ACHERRY HILL MORTGAGE INVESTMENT CORP. 8.20% SERIES3/29/2021NYSE25.96003/29/2021NYSE25.800025.989925.790025.800025.895025.7919
CODI-CCOMPASS DIVERSIFIED HLDGS 7.875% SERIES C CUMULATI3/29/2021NYSE25.47793/29/2021NYSE25.450025.500025.420025.440625.475025.4200
GAB-HGABELLI EQUITY TRUST, INC. (THE) PFD SER H3/29/2021NYSE25.46003/29/2021NYSE25.400025.470025.360025.387625.435025.3600
GLPGGALAPAGOS NV - ADR3/29/2021Nasdaq GS77.00003/29/2021NGSM76.530077.050075.530075.770076.790075.5300
IGIWESTERN ASSET INVESTMENT GRADE DEFINED OPPORTUNITY3/29/2021NYSE21.09003/29/2021NYSE21.070021.100020.980021.043221.085021.0300
PHDPIONEER FLOATING RATE TRUST PIONEER FLOATING RATE 3/29/2021NYSE11.36003/29/2021NYSE11.310011.370011.290011.310011.340011.3000
SOHOBSOTHERLY HOTELS INC. - 8.0% SERIES B CUMULATIVE RE3/29/2021Nasdaq GM18.49993/29/2021NGM18.481018.500018.050018.210018.490518.1297
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