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DLNG-ADYNAGAS LNG PARTNERS LP 9.00% SERIES A CUMULATIVE 7/5/2018NYSE26.23007/5/2018NYSE26.100026.240025.740026.078026.170025.7400
GSUMGRIDSUM HLDG INC. - ADR7/5/2018Nasdaq GS6.87007/5/2018NGSM6.70007.00006.22006.52006.85006.2200
MILNGLOBAL X MILLENNIALS THEMATIC ETF7/5/2018Nasdaq GM22.45007/5/2018NGM22.236222.460022.220022.236222.348122.2300
MUCBLACKROCK MUNIHLDGS CALIFORNIA QUALITY FUND, INC. 7/5/2018NYSE13.18007/5/2018NYSE13.130013.200013.110013.120013.165013.1100
NAONORDIC AMERN OFFSHORE LTD (BERMUDA)7/5/2018NYSE1.14007/5/2018NYSE1.12001.15001.10001.12001.13501.1100
PFLPIMCO INCOME STRATEGY FUND SHARES OF BENEFICIAL IN7/5/2018NYSE12.06007/5/2018NYSE12.000012.070011.940012.000012.035011.9400
PROVPROVIDENT FINANCIAL HLDGS, INC.7/5/2018Nasdaq GS19.06007/5/2018NGSM18.800019.230018.362918.570019.015018.5597
TOO-BTEEKAY OFFSHORE PARTNERS L.P. 8.50% SERIES B CUMUL7/5/2018NYSE24.34507/5/2018NYSE24.150024.350024.060024.150024.250024.0600
VALEVALE S.A. ADR EACH REPRESENTING ONE COMMON SHARE7/5/2018NYSE12.68007/5/2018NYSE12.550012.690012.420012.490012.620012.4200
WFE-AWELLS FARGO & COMPANY CUMULATIVE PERPETUAL PFD STO7/5/2018NYSE26.20007/5/2018NYSE26.110026.201726.065326.110026.155926.0653
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