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CCOICOGENT COMMUNICATIONS HLDGS, INC.10/9/2020Nasdaq GS62.730010/9/2020NGSM62.230062.940061.730061.950062.585061.7300
DUCDUFF & PHELPS UTILITY & CORPORATE BOND TRUST, INC.10/9/2020NYSE9.190010/9/2020NYSE9.17989.20009.13009.14009.18999.1300
DWSHADVISORSHARES DORSEY WRIGHT SHORT ETF10/9/2020Nasdaq GM17.330010/9/2020NGM17.130017.500016.850017.070017.315017.0000
EICEAGLE POINT INCOME COMPANY INC.10/9/2020NYSE13.440010/9/2020NYSE13.280013.490012.870013.030013.385013.0100
NEWTLNEWTEK BUSINESS SERVICES CORP. - 5.75% NOTES DUE 210/9/2020Nasdaq GM25.330010/9/2020NGM25.250025.340025.150025.192825.295025.1500
TRTN-DTRITON INTL LIMITED 6.875% SERIES D CUMULATIVE RED10/9/2020NYSE24.550010/9/2020NYSE24.430024.570024.360024.430024.500024.3600
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