Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Close [-1] less than Open [-1] and Low less than Low [-1] and Close greater than Real Body Mid Price [-1] and Open less than Low [-1] and Close less than Open [-1]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Close [-1] Open [-1] Low Low [-1] Real Body Mid Price [-1] Open
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AAMEATLANTIC AMERICAN CORP.11/1/2019Nasdaq GM2.273911/1/2019NGM2.23002.28002.11002.23002.25502.1100
ASB-DASSOCIATED BANC-CORP DEPOSITARY SHARES, EACH REPRE11/1/2019NYSE25.790011/1/2019NYSE25.739125.840025.600025.700025.789625.6000
CSPICSP INC.11/1/2019Nasdaq GM12.725011/1/2019NGM12.420012.960012.310012.420012.690012.3100
EFFEATON VANCE FLOATING-RATE INCOME PLUS FUND OF BENE11/1/2019NYSE15.590011/1/2019NYSE15.520015.640015.420015.500015.580015.4200
GRVYGRAVITY CO., LTD. - ADR, EACH REPRESENTING ONE COM11/1/2019Nasdaq GM33.530011/1/2019NGM33.260033.780032.140033.183833.520032.8700
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