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CUBBCUSTOMERS BANCORP, INC 5.375% SUBORDINATED NOTES D1/8/2021NYSE25.75001/8/2021NYSE25.615525.840025.250025.615525.727825.3700
CVE+CENOVUS ENERGY INC WTS (EACH WT ENTITLES THE HOLDE1/8/2021NYSE3.13731/8/2021NYSE3.02003.20002.91002.99003.11002.9100
OPINIOFFICE PROPERTIES INCOME TRUST - 5.875% SENIOR NOT1/8/2021Nasdaq GS25.34001/8/2021NGSM25.220025.400025.110025.200025.310025.1100
RSI+RUSH STREET INTERACTIVE, INC. WTS1/8/2021NYSE7.66001/8/2021NYSE7.40007.76007.20007.40007.58007.2500
UBPURSTADT BIDDLE PROPERTIES INC.1/8/2021NYSE12.33001/8/2021NYSE12.040012.560011.710011.930012.300011.9000
UMH-DUMH PROPERTIES, INC. 6.375% SERIES D CUMULATIVE RE1/8/2021NYSE24.74991/8/2021NYSE24.730024.760024.700024.715024.745024.7000
VLTINVESCO HIGH INCOME TRUST II1/8/2021NYSE13.54001/8/2021NYSE13.500013.550013.480013.490013.525013.4800
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