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AAM-AAPOLLO ASSET MGMT, INC. 6.375% SERIES A PFD STOCK9/19/2022NYSE23.69009/19/2022NYSE23.920023.690024.190023.910024.240024.1800
AKAA.K.A. BRANDS HLDG CORP.9/19/2022NYSE1.44009/19/2022NYSE1.61001.44001.71001.53001.77001.7000
ANGNANGION BIOMEDICA CORP.9/19/2022Nasdaq GS1.05009/19/2022NGSM1.10001.05001.16001.06001.18001.1500
APPHWAPPHARVEST, INC. - WTS9/19/2022Nasdaq GS0.34009/19/2022NGSM0.42000.34000.48000.40000.57000.4400
BWNBBABCOCK & WILCOX ENTERPRISES, INC. 6.50% SENIOR NO9/19/2022NYSE22.85009/19/2022NYSE22.950022.850023.288022.932823.290023.0600
CDR-CCEDAR REALTY TRUST, INC. 6.50% SERIES C CUMULATIVE9/19/2022NYSE9.43009/19/2022NYSE9.69009.43009.75009.60009.97009.7100
CIDMCINEDIGM CORP - CLASS A9/19/2022Nasdaq GM0.49509/19/2022NGM0.50900.49500.51000.50000.56000.5070
CYADCELYAD ONCOLOGY SA - ADR9/19/2022Nasdaq GM1.75509/19/2022NGM1.84001.75501.85001.80001.87501.8465
DRTTDIRTT ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LTD.9/19/2022Nasdaq GS0.41569/19/2022NGSM0.48760.41560.56790.45000.57000.5409
DTGDTE ENERGY COMPANY 2021 SERIES E 4.375% JUNIOR SUB9/19/2022NYSE18.37009/19/2022NYSE18.530018.370018.590018.460018.770018.4700
IMBIIMEDIA BRANDS, INC. - CLASS A9/19/2022Nasdaq GM0.79919/19/2022NGM0.86000.79910.90000.85600.99220.8951
KOREKORE GROUP HLDGS, INC.9/19/2022NYSE2.12009/19/2022NYSE2.20002.12002.23002.17002.40002.2100
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