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BSLBLACKSTONE GSO SENIOR FLOATING RATE TERM FUND OF B5/4/2018NYSE17.81005/4/2018NYSE17.900017.810017.970017.870018.130017.9600
DCUDDOMINION ENERGY, INC. 2016 SERIES A CORPORATE UNIT5/4/2018NYSE45.18005/4/2018NYSE45.880045.180045.900045.350045.930045.5300
EDNEMPRESA DISTRIBUIDORA Y COMERCIALIZADORA NORTE S.A5/4/2018NYSE48.55005/4/2018NYSE48.930048.550053.430048.740053.820051.9200
ENICENEL CHILE S.A. ADR (EACH REPRESENTING 50 SHARES O5/4/2018NYSE5.96005/4/2018NYSE6.04005.96006.12006.01006.15006.1000
FREDFRED'S, INC.5/4/2018Nasdaq GS1.63005/4/2018NGSM1.82001.63001.96001.74002.10001.9500
IPICIPIC ENTERTAINMENT INC. - CLASS A5/4/2018Nasdaq GM8.19005/4/2018NGM8.50998.19008.70828.50008.88008.7001
IVHIVY HIGH INCOME OPPORTUNITIES FUND OF BENEFICIAL I5/4/2018NYSE14.27005/4/2018NYSE14.310014.270014.340014.290014.360014.3000
KIM-LKIMCO REALTY CORP. CLASS L DEPOSITARY SHARES, EACH5/4/2018NYSE20.28005/4/2018NYSE20.770020.280020.900020.670020.980020.7500
KIM-MKIMCO REALTY CORP. CLASS M DEPOSITARY SHARES, EACH5/4/2018NYSE20.40005/4/2018NYSE20.730020.400020.890020.630020.900020.8200
MRUSMERUS N.V.5/4/2018Nasdaq GM17.34005/4/2018NGM17.600017.340018.000017.500018.120017.9700
NIMNUVEEN SELECT MATURITIES MUNICIPAL FUND5/4/2018NYSE9.68005/4/2018NYSE9.73009.68009.75009.71009.78009.7400
PHTPIONEER HIGH INCOME TRUST OF BENEFICIAL INTEREST5/4/2018NYSE9.46005/4/2018NYSE9.50009.46009.52009.49009.54009.5100
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