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Close greater than Open and Close [-1] greater than Open [-1] and Close [-2] greater than Open [-2] and Open greater than Open [-1] and Open [-1] greater than Open [-2] and Close greater than Close [-1] and Close [-1] greater than Close [-2] and Open less than Close [-1] and Open [-1] less than Close [-2]
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AAPLAPPLE INC.4/4/2019Nasdaq GS195.69004/4/2019NGSM195.6900194.7900195.3500193.2500194.0200191.0900
AMH-FAMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT 5.875% SERIES F CUMULATIVE R4/4/2019NYSE24.90004/4/2019NYSE24.900024.845024.890024.750024.780024.7268
AXS-DAXIS CAPITAL HLDGS LIMITED PFD SERIES D (BERMUDA)4/4/2019NYSE24.91904/4/2019NYSE24.919024.800024.850024.740024.780024.6638
BAC-CBANK OF AMERICA CORP. DEPOSITARY SHARES, EACH REPR4/4/2019NYSE26.30004/4/2019NYSE26.300026.160026.190026.130026.160026.1100
BAC-LBANK OF AMERICA CORP. NON CUMULATIVE PERPETUAL CON4/4/2019NYSE1,311.99004/4/2019NYSE1,311.99001,310.25001,311.75001,309.00001,310.00001,308.5100
BHRBRAEMAR HOTELS & RESORTS INC.4/4/2019NYSE13.19004/4/2019NYSE13.190013.100013.140012.820012.840012.4400
DLR-KDIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC. 5.850% SERIES K CUMULAT4/4/2019NYSE25.48004/4/2019NYSE25.480025.430025.470025.250025.280025.1450
EDAPEDAP TMS S.A. - ADR, EACH REPRESENTING ONE ORDINAR4/4/2019Nasdaq GM4.58004/4/2019NGM4.58004.26004.38004.05004.25003.5000
FTGCFIRST TRUST GLOBAL TACTICAL COMMODITY STRATEGY FUN4/4/2019Nasdaq GM19.02004/4/2019NGM19.020018.880018.960018.860018.890018.7750
GLOP-BGASLOG PARTNERS LP 8.200% SERIES B CUMULATIVE REDE4/4/2019NYSE24.43004/4/2019NYSE24.430024.390024.400024.251024.315024.1500
JSMNAVIENT CORP. - 6% SENIOR NOTES DUE DECEMBER 15, 24/4/2019Nasdaq GS21.92004/4/2019NGSM21.920021.690021.730021.410021.560021.2400
KBWYINVESCO KBW PREMIUM YIELD EQUITY REIT ETF4/4/2019Nasdaq GM30.93004/4/2019NGM30.930030.800030.810030.740030.750030.7200
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