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Real Body less than Real Body [-1] and Close greater than Open and Open [-1] greater than Close [-1] and Real Body greater than 0 and Real Body [-1] greater than 0 and High less than Open [-1] and Low greater than Close [-1]
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BEKEKE HLDGS INC ADR (EACH REPRESENTING THREE CLASS A)7/13/2021NYSE39.53007/13/2021NYSE1.04002.980039.530038.490040.770037.790039.880038.2200
EMCBWISDOMTREE EMERGING MARKETS CORPORATE BOND FUND7/13/2021Nasdaq GM76.03007/13/2021NGM0.01000.255076.030076.020076.215075.960076.030076.0000
FVTFORTRESS VALUE ACQUISITION CORP. III CLASS A7/13/2021NYSE9.93007/13/2021NYSE0.09000.16259.93009.84009.99259.83009.94009.8400
FZT+FAST ACQUISITION CORP. II REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHO7/13/2021NYSE1.40007/13/2021NYSE0.05000.20001.40001.35001.45001.25001.40001.3500
GECCMGREAT ELM CAPITAL CORP. - 6.75% NOTES DUE 20257/13/2021Nasdaq GM25.21627/13/2021NGM0.03620.080025.216225.180025.240025.160025.216225.1800
GGTGABELLI MULTI-MEDIA TRUST, INC. (THE)7/13/2021NYSE9.97007/13/2021NYSE0.03000.65009.97009.940010.50009.850010.08999.8800
NRXPWNRX PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. - WARRANT7/13/2021Nasdaq GM4.06607/13/2021NGM0.13610.36004.06603.92994.11003.75004.07503.7800
OKTAOKTA, INC. - CLASS A7/13/2021Nasdaq GS249.09007/13/2021NGSM0.63008.7650249.0900248.4600254.3150245.5500252.3999246.2001
TWOU2U, INC.7/13/2021Nasdaq GS43.82007/13/2021NGSM0.13001.230043.820043.690044.830043.600044.700043.6250
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