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Real Body less than Real Body [-1] and Close greater than Open and Open [-1] greater than Close [-1] and Real Body greater than 0 and Real Body [-1] greater than 0 and High less than Open [-1] and Low greater than Close [-1]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Real Body Real Body [-1] Close Open Open [-1] Close [-1] High Low
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AFGEAMERICAN FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. 6.25% SUBORDINATED 4/5/2018NYSE25.89004/5/2018NYSE0.08500.110025.890025.805025.900025.790025.890025.8035
JCONUVEEN CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES 2022 TARGET TERM FUND 4/5/2018NYSE9.55004/5/2018NYSE0.02000.17009.55009.53009.66009.49009.57999.5160
LKORFLEXSHARES CREDIT-SCORED US LONG CORPORATE BOND IN4/5/2018Nasdaq GM51.78004/5/2018NGM0.05000.090051.780051.730051.810051.720051.780051.7300
LOOPLOOP INDUSTRIES, INC.4/5/2018Nasdaq GM14.44004/5/2018NGM0.08000.889914.440014.360015.219914.330014.463814.3600
NXNNUVEEN NEW YORK SELECT TAX-FREE INCOME PORTFOLIO4/5/2018NYSE12.92004/5/2018NYSE0.02000.053512.920012.900012.950012.896512.920012.9000
SOHOKSOTHERLY HOTELS LP - 7.25% SENIOR UNSECURED NOTES 4/5/2018Nasdaq GM25.91004/5/2018NGM0.11400.360025.910025.796026.000025.640025.970025.7960
SPISPI ENERGY CO., LTD.4/5/2018Nasdaq GS0.45954/5/2018NGSM0.02840.06800.45950.43110.48500.41700.47930.4200
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