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Real Body less than Real Body [-1] and Close greater than Open and Open [-1] greater than Close [-1] and Real Body greater than 0 and Real Body [-1] greater than 0 and High less than Open [-1] and Low greater than Close [-1]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Real Body Real Body [-1] Close Open Open [-1] Close [-1] High Low
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FMNFEDERATED PREMIER MUNICIPAL INCOME FUND FEDERATED 5/31/2019NYSE13.71005/31/2019NYSE0.02000.090013.710013.690013.740013.650013.730013.6685
HMNFHMN FINANCIAL, INC.5/31/2019Nasdaq GM22.00005/31/2019NGM0.10000.430022.000021.900022.100021.670022.000021.9000
MFMMFS MUNICIPAL INCOME TRUST5/31/2019NYSE6.91005/31/2019NYSE0.02000.10006.91006.89006.97006.87006.92006.8801
MOGUMOGU INC. ADR (EACH REPRESENTING 25 CLASS A)5/31/2019NYSE4.95005/31/2019NYSE0.20000.45004.95004.75005.15004.70005.12124.7200
NXQNUVEEN SELECT TAX FREE INCOME PORTFOLIO II5/31/2019NYSE14.37005/31/2019NYSE0.02000.070014.370014.350014.380014.310014.370014.3200
OIIMO2MICRO INTL LIMITED EACH 50 SHARES OF WHICH ARE R5/31/2019Nasdaq GS1.38005/31/2019NGSM0.01000.05001.38001.37001.40001.35001.38001.3632
TLGTTELIGENT, INC.5/31/2019Nasdaq GS0.65015/31/2019NGSM0.00010.13460.65010.65000.73460.60000.70000.6200
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