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Real Body less than Real Body [-1] and Close greater than Open and Open [-1] greater than Close [-1] and Real Body greater than 0 and Real Body [-1] greater than 0 and High less than Open [-1] and Low greater than Close [-1]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Real Body Real Body [-1] Close Open Open [-1] Close [-1] High Low
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DX-BDYNEX CAPITAL, INC. PFD SERIES B8/8/2017NYSE24.64008/8/2017NYSE0.01600.150024.640024.624024.720024.570024.640024.6211
IPIINTREPID POTASH, INC8/8/2017NYSE3.37008/8/2017NYSE0.07000.28003.37003.30003.50003.22003.40003.2400
ITICINVESTORS TITLE COMPANY8/8/2017Nasdaq GS178.50008/8/2017NGSM0.32002.3000178.5000178.1800180.1000177.8000180.0000178.1800
KIM-IKIMCO REALTY CORP. DEPOSITARY SH REPSTG 1/1000TH P8/8/2017NYSE25.22008/8/2017NYSE0.03000.170025.220025.190025.330025.160025.240025.1800
MRUSMERUS N.V.8/8/2017Nasdaq GM16.09008/8/2017NGM0.23500.720016.090015.855016.450015.730016.100015.8550
NRCIBNATIONAL RESEARCH CORP.8/8/2017Nasdaq GS54.30008/8/2017NGSM0.92003.110054.300053.380055.810052.700054.602253.0500
SENEASENECA FOODS CORP. - CLASS A8/8/2017Nasdaq GS29.35008/8/2017NGSM0.25001.050029.350029.100030.100029.050029.700029.1000
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