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Real Body less than Real Body [-1] and Close less than Open and Open [-1] less than Close [-1] and Real Body greater than 0 and Real Body [-1] greater than 0 and High less than Close [-1] and Low greater than Open [-1]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Real Body Real Body [-1] Close Open Open [-1] Close [-1] High Low
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EGFBLACKROCK ENHANCED GOVERNMENT FUND, INC.8/6/2019NYSE13.18628/6/2019NYSE0.01380.069513.186213.200013.150013.219513.210013.1800
GJVSYNTHETIC FIXED-INCOME SECURITIES INC 7.00% FIXED 8/6/2019NYSE26.50008/6/2019NYSE0.24000.320026.500026.740026.450026.770026.740026.5000
GNMAISHARES GNMA BOND ETF8/6/2019Nasdaq GM50.25008/6/2019NGM0.02000.300050.250050.270050.150050.450050.420050.2100
HCXYHERCULES CAPITAL, INC. 6.25% NOTES DUE 20338/6/2019NYSE25.40008/6/2019NYSE0.02000.660025.400025.420025.320025.980025.700025.4000
LANDPGLADSTONE LAND CORP. - 6.375% SERIES A CUMULATIVE 8/6/2019Nasdaq GM25.80508/6/2019NGM0.00870.240025.805025.813725.620025.860025.813725.8050
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