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Real Body less than Real Body [-1] and Close less than Open and Open [-1] less than Close [-1] and Real Body greater than 0 and Real Body [-1] greater than 0 and High less than Close [-1] and Low greater than Open [-1]
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Real Body Real Body [-1] Close Open Open [-1] Close [-1] High Low
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COMTISHARES COMMODITIES SELECT STRATEGY ETF9/4/2020Nasdaq GM25.52589/4/2020NGM0.13420.340025.525825.660025.370025.710025.660025.4070
EGFBLACKROCK ENHANCED GOVERNMENT FUND, INC.9/4/2020NYSE13.16509/4/2020NYSE0.03500.150013.165013.200013.150013.300013.270013.1650
GTXGARRETT MOTION INC.9/4/2020NYSE3.27009/4/2020NYSE0.26001.02003.27003.53002.65003.67003.56953.0200
NEWTLNEWTEK BUSINESS SERVICES CORP. - 5.75% NOTES DUE 29/4/2020Nasdaq GM25.57299/4/2020NGM0.10710.180025.572925.680025.565025.745025.700025.5729
NXNNUVEEN NEW YORK SELECT TAX-FREE INCOME PORTFOLIO9/4/2020NYSE13.41579/4/2020NYSE0.08430.320013.415713.500013.390013.710013.500013.4157
SJTSAN JUAN BASIN ROYALTY TRUST9/4/2020NYSE2.75009/4/2020NYSE0.02000.13002.75002.77002.66002.79002.78002.7250
TPZTORTOISE POWER AND ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE FUND, INC9/4/2020NYSE9.15669/4/2020NYSE0.01340.09009.15669.17009.10009.19009.18959.1001
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