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Upp. Shadow equal to 0 and Low. Shadow equal to 0 and Real Body greater than 0 and % Diff. (Open Close) greater than 1
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Upp. Shadow Low. Shadow Real Body % Diff. (Open Close)
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ASRVPAMERISERV FINANCIAL INC. - AMERISERV FINANCIAL TRU12/1/2017Nasdaq GM27.540712/1/2017NGM0.00000.00000.42631.5479
ABR-CARBOR REALTY TRUST CUMULATIVE REDEEMABLE PFD SERIE12/1/2017NYSE25.750012/1/2017NYSE0.00000.00000.31251.2136
ATRIATRION CORP.12/1/2017Nasdaq GS662.100012/1/2017NGSM0.00000.000012.30001.8577
BMLPBANK OF MONTREAL - BMO ELKHORN DWA MLP SELECT INDE12/1/2017Nasdaq GM46.750012/1/2017NGM0.00000.00000.47001.0053
MNEBLACKROCK MUNI NEW YORK INTERMEDIATE DURATION FUND12/1/2017NYSE13.370012/1/2017NYSE0.00000.00000.22001.6455
LNDBRASILAGRO BRAZILIAN AGRIC REAL ESTATE CO ADR (BRA12/1/2017NYSE3.570012/1/2017NYSE0.00000.00000.13003.6415
CBAKCBAK ENERGY TECH, INC.12/1/2017Nasdaq GM1.650012/1/2017NGM0.00000.00000.05003.0303
CYADCELYAD SA - ADR12/1/2017Nasdaq GM40.390012/1/2017NGM0.00000.00001.15002.8472
KMMDEUTSCHE MULTI-MARKET INCOME TRUST COMMON SSHARES12/1/2017NYSE8.891012/1/2017NYSE0.00000.00000.08901.0010
EZTENTERGY TEXAS INC FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS 5.625% SERI12/1/2017NYSE26.420012/1/2017NYSE0.00000.00000.51291.9413
EXFOEXFO INC - SUBORDINATE VOTING SHARES12/1/2017Nasdaq GS4.300012/1/2017NGSM0.00000.00000.05001.1628
FTXDFIRST TRUST NASDAQ RETAIL ETF12/1/2017Nasdaq GM20.700012/1/2017NGM0.00000.00000.37901.8309
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