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INTEWINTEGRAL ACQUISITION CORP. 1 - WARRANT12/31/2021Nasdaq GM0.630012/31/2021NGM34.24
LVTXLAVA THERAPEUTICS N.V.12/31/2021Nasdaq GS5.500012/31/2021NGSM30.02
UCLUCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. - ADR12/31/2021Nasdaq GM6.590012/31/2021NGM29.22
CPOPPOP CULTURE GROUP CO., LTD - CLASS A12/31/2021Nasdaq GM3.630012/31/2021NGM25.61
ONYXWONYX ACQUISITION CO. I - WARRANT12/31/2021Nasdaq GM0.580012/31/2021NGM24.73
OHAAWOPY ACQUISITION CORP. I - WARRANT12/31/2021Nasdaq GM0.690012/31/2021NGM24.32
GLLIRGLOBALINK INVESTMENT INC. - RIGHTS12/31/2021Nasdaq GM0.280012/31/2021NGM21.74
SVNAW7 ACQUISITION CORP. - WARRANT12/31/2021Nasdaq GM0.605012/31/2021NGM21.00
XERSXERIS BIOPHARMA HLDGS, INC.12/31/2021Nasdaq GS2.930012/31/2021NGSM20.58
BDSXBIODESIX, INC.12/31/2021Nasdaq GM5.290012/31/2021NGM19.95
IMBIIMEDIA BRANDS, INC. - CLASS A12/31/2021Nasdaq GM6.000012/31/2021NGM16.50
TALKWTALKSPACE, INC. - WARRANT12/31/2021Nasdaq GS0.232112/31/2021NGSM16.05
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