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FTRFRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS CORP.3/20/2020Nasdaq GS0.90003/20/2020NGSM278.95
AIRTWAIR T, INC. - AIR T FUNDING WTS TO PURCHASE TRUST 3/20/2020Nasdaq GM0.15003/20/2020NGM114.29
TUSKMAMMOTH ENERGY SERVICES, INC.3/20/2020Nasdaq GS1.16003/20/2020NGSM78.46
CPSSCONSUMER PORTFOLIO SERVICES, INC.3/20/2020Nasdaq GM1.86003/20/2020NGM72.22
TNXPTONIX PHARMACEUTICALS HLDG CORP.3/20/2020Nasdaq GM0.97003/20/2020NGM71.65
AMTXAEMETIS, INC3/20/2020Nasdaq GM0.71003/20/2020NGM69.05
NOVNNOVAN, INC.3/20/2020Nasdaq GM0.55003/20/2020NGM61.76
CLUBTOWN SPORTS INTL HLDGS, INC.3/20/2020Nasdaq GM1.20003/20/2020NGM56.11
DHCNIDIVERSIFIED HEALTHCARE TRUST - 5.625% SENIOR NOTE3/20/2020Nasdaq GS15.00013/20/2020NGSM50.00
XOGEXTRACTION OIL & GAS, INC.3/20/2020Nasdaq GS0.84003/20/2020NGSM49.87
FRGIFIESTA RESTAURANT GROUP, INC.3/20/2020Nasdaq GS5.13003/20/2020NGSM46.99
SGMSSCIENTIFIC GAMES CORP3/20/2020Nasdaq GS6.63003/20/2020NGSM40.76
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