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FCELFUELCELL ENERGY, INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GM0.24207/1/2019NGM37.19
AGFSWAGROFRESH SOLUTIONS, INC. - WTS7/1/2019Nasdaq GS0.02007/1/2019NGSM28.36
OVIDOVID THERAPEUTICS INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GS2.31007/1/2019NGSM24.86
EMMSEMMIS COMMUNICATIONS CORP. - CLASS A7/1/2019Nasdaq GS5.67007/1/2019NGSM19.37
NXTCNEXTCURE, INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GS17.65007/1/2019NGSM17.82
NIUNIU TECH - ADR7/1/2019Nasdaq GM6.95007/1/2019NGM17.60
FREDFRED'S, INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GS0.57687/1/2019NGSM17.33
MORFMORPHIC HLDG, INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GM23.23007/1/2019NGM17.20
SVRASAVARA, INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GS2.70007/1/2019NGSM13.92
ACMRACM RESEARCH, INC. - CLASS A7/1/2019Nasdaq GM17.78007/1/2019NGM13.90
XELBXCEL BRANDS, INC7/1/2019Nasdaq GM1.65007/1/2019NGM13.79
PRNBPRINCIPIA BIOPHARMA INC.7/1/2019Nasdaq GS37.61007/1/2019NGSM13.32
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