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ACETACETO CORP.3/5/2019Nasdaq GS0.23013/5/2019NGSM28.48
XONINTREXON CORP.3/5/2019Nasdaq GS5.02003/5/2019NGSM21.26
TOURTUNIU CORP. - ADR3/5/2019Nasdaq GM5.79003/5/2019NGM20.88
CTRPCTRIP.COM INTL, LTD. - ADR3/5/2019Nasdaq GS41.91003/5/2019NGSM19.78
QTTQUTOUTIAO INC. - ADR3/5/2019Nasdaq GS15.65003/5/2019NGSM14.23
MITOSTEALTH BIOTHERAPEUTICS CORP. - ADS3/5/2019Nasdaq GM14.43803/5/2019NGM13.33
YYYY INC. - ADR3/5/2019Nasdaq GS81.44003/5/2019NGSM13.05
SMTXSMTC CORP.3/5/2019Nasdaq GM5.43003/5/2019NGM11.96
CCIHCHINACACHE INTL HLDGS LTD. - ADR3/5/2019Nasdaq GS1.36003/5/2019NGSM11.10
GSUMGRIDSUM HLDG INC. - ADR3/5/2019Nasdaq GS4.37003/5/2019NGSM10.91
CHMACHIASMA, INC.3/5/2019Nasdaq GS5.25003/5/2019NGSM10.53
CRONCRONOS GROUP INC. - COMMON SHARE3/5/2019Nasdaq GM23.70003/5/2019NGM10.44
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