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AIRTWAIR T, INC. - AIR T FUNDING WTS TO PURCHASE TRUST 9/4/2020Nasdaq GM0.03229/4/2020NGM-27.97
SYRSSYROS PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GS9.91509/4/2020NGSM-17.10
CMPICHECKMATE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GM12.31009/4/2020NGM-16.82
SYPRSYPRIS SOLUTIONS, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GM1.07009/4/2020NGM-15.08
DXYNTHE DIXIE GROUP, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GM0.93919/4/2020NGM-13.05
FLGTFULGENT GENETICS, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GM28.29009/4/2020NGM-12.09
ALVRALLOVIR, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GS24.77009/4/2020NGSM-12.01
AYLAAYALA PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GM8.80009/4/2020NGM-12.00
DOCUDOCUSIGN, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GS216.26009/4/2020NGSM-10.64
KELYBKELLY SERVICES, INC. - CLASS B9/4/2020Nasdaq GS20.96369/4/2020NGSM-10.37
XERSXERIS PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GS4.48009/4/2020NGSM-10.22
FTEKFUEL TECH, INC.9/4/2020Nasdaq GS0.71989/4/2020NGSM-10.03
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