Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Low greater than or equal to High [-1] * 1.02 and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Low High [-1] * 1.02 SMA (Volume 30)
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CRCMCARE.COM, INC.3/9/2017NYSE10.93003/9/2017NYSE10.00009.7410267,121.8000
CMTLCOMTECH TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORP.3/9/2017Nasdaq GS13.78003/9/2017NGSM12.460011.5668296,314.5000
ELFE.L.F. BEAUTY, INC.3/9/2017NYSE28.42003/9/2017NYSE28.010026.6913513,081.2333
ERICERICSSON - ADS EACH REPRESENTING 1 UNDERLYING CLAS3/9/2017Nasdaq GS6.59003/9/2017NGSM6.53006.52804,867,600.2667
ICLISRAEL CHEMICALS LIMITED3/9/2017NYSE4.40003/9/2017NYSE4.36004.3554285,493.9667
OCRXOCERA THERAPEUTICS, INC.3/9/2017Nasdaq GM1.89003/9/2017NGM1.24001.17304,763,325.0000
VVUSVIVUS, INC.3/9/2017Nasdaq GS1.21003/9/2017NGSM1.17001.1118612,475.6667
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