Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Low greater than or equal to High [-1] * 1.02 and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Low High [-1] * 1.02 SMA (Volume 30)
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BPLBUCKEYE PARTNERS L.P.5/10/2019NYSE41.75005/10/2019NYSE41.410034.20061,394,229.0333
GHGUARDANT HEALTH, INC.5/10/2019Nasdaq GS76.00005/10/2019NGSM71.020166.31021,601,485.8667
NDLSNOODLES & COMPANY5/10/2019Nasdaq GS8.54005/10/2019NGSM8.10007.9152514,947.9667
OZMOCH-ZIFF CAPITAL MGMT GROUP LLC CLASS A5/10/2019NYSE17.51005/10/2019NYSE16.860016.5444116,456.7667
SWIRSIERRA WIRELESS, INC.5/10/2019Nasdaq GS14.15005/10/2019NGSM13.500013.4130180,254.6000
VSTOVISTA OUTDOOR INC.5/10/2019NYSE10.15005/10/2019NYSE9.58189.4758544,598.5333
WPRTWESTPORT FUEL SYSTEMS INC5/10/2019Nasdaq GS2.23005/10/2019NGSM1.88001.7136492,649.5333
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