Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Low greater than or equal to High [-1] * 1.02 and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Low High [-1] * 1.02 SMA (Volume 30)
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BWBABCOCK & WILCOX ENTERPRISES, INC.3/29/2021NYSE8.61003/29/2021NYSE8.16008.05801,499,472.5000
FLYFLY LEASING LIMITED3/29/2021NYSE16.89003/29/2021NYSE16.505014.1066750,581.9333
HMHCHOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT COMPANY3/29/2021Nasdaq GS7.10003/29/2021NGSM6.67006.25161,831,213.8333
IONSIONIS PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.3/29/2021Nasdaq GS44.96003/29/2021NGSM44.785043.93141,350,802.4000
SEACSEACHANGE INTL, INC.3/29/2021Nasdaq GS2.08003/29/2021NGSM1.28001.101613,149,740.9667
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