Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
High less than or equal to Low [-1] * 0.98 and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date High Low [-1] * 0.98 SMA (Volume 30)
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LNDCLANDEC CORP.4/4/2019Nasdaq GS11.37004/4/2019NGSM11.980012.2206113,075.2000
LYGLLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC ADR4/4/2019NYSE3.23004/4/2019NYSE3.27003.30265,741,643.8667
MFGPMICRO FOCUS INTL PLC ADS EACH REPRESENTING ONE ORD4/4/2019NYSE25.04004/4/2019NYSE26.220026.3816597,129.3000
ODPOFFICE DEPOT, INC.4/4/2019Nasdaq GS2.88004/4/2019NGSM3.29003.54767,290,815.4667
RECNRESOURCES CONNECTION, INC.4/4/2019Nasdaq GS14.71004/4/2019NGSM15.550016.4640216,566.7333
TSLATESLA, INC.4/4/2019Nasdaq GS267.78004/4/2019NGSM271.2000281.426610,054,178.4333
WFTWEATHERFORD INTL PLC (IRELAND)4/4/2019NYSE0.67004/4/2019NYSE0.69500.728019,555,035.4000
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