Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
High less than or equal to Low [-1] * 0.98 and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date High Low [-1] * 0.98 SMA (Volume 30)
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ACHNACHILLION PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.9/11/2017Nasdaq GS3.82509/11/2017NGSM4.49004.74322,468,799.2667
AGIALAMOS GOLD INC. CLASS A9/11/2017NYSE7.10009/11/2017NYSE7.65008.17811,891,994.4667
AUANGLOGOLD ASHANTI LIMITED9/11/2017NYSE9.79009/11/2017NYSE10.235010.31944,123,325.4000
TVIXCREDIT SUISSE AG - VELOCITYSHARES DAILY 2X VIX SHO9/11/2017Nasdaq GM15.58009/11/2017NGM16.200016.576720,464,916.1333
VIIXCREDIT SUISSE AG - VELOCITYSHARES VIX SHORT TERM E9/11/2017Nasdaq GM19.34009/11/2017NGM19.750019.8058158,018.8000
EGOELDORADO GOLD CORP.9/11/2017NYSE1.93009/11/2017NYSE1.99002.00905,335,961.2667
REGNREGENERON PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.9/11/2017Nasdaq GS445.11009/11/2017NGSM454.9900460.6000746,592.1667
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