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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date OBV
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AVIDAVID TECH, INC.5/12/2023Nasdaq GS20.33005/12/2023NGSM30,999,794
HWCPZHANCOCK WHITNEY CORP. - 6.25% SUBORDINATED NOTES D5/12/2023Nasdaq GS20.37005/12/2023NGSM55,725
PEBKPEOPLES BANCORP OF NORTH CAROLINA, INC.5/12/2023Nasdaq GM18.70005/12/2023NGM2,953,986
TPBTURNING POINT BRANDS, INC.5/12/2023NYSE20.71005/12/2023NYSE602,295
TSEMTOWER SEMICONDUCTOR LTD.5/12/2023Nasdaq GS40.41005/12/2023NGSM86,274,650
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