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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Last Split Date
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CMFISHARES CALIFORNIA MUNI BOND ETFNYSE Arca59.320010/20/201710/18/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity6726
NYFISHARES NEW YORK MUNI BOND ETFNYSE Arca56.110010/20/201710/18/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity6726
ASTCASTROTECH CORP.Nasdaq CM3.570010/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017NCMEquity3760ServicesSecurity & Protection Services
SPABSPDR PORTFOLIO AGGREGATE BOND ETFNYSE Arca28.800010/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity6726
SPEMSPDR INDEX SHARES FUND SPDR PORTFOLIO EMERGING MARNYSE Arca37.170010/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity6726
SPLBSPDR PORTFOLIO LONG TERM CORPORATE BOND ETFNYSE Arca27.990010/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity6726
SPLGSPDR SERIES TRUST SPDR PORTFOLIO LARGE CAP ETFNYSE Arca30.146610/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity
SPMDSPDR PORTFOLIO MID CAP ETFNYSE Arca32.540010/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity
SPSMSPDR PORTFOLIO SMALL CAP ETFNYSE Arca29.590010/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity
SPTMSPDR PORTFOLIO TOTAL STOCK MARKET ETFNYSE Arca31.989910/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity
SPYGSPDR SERIES TRUST SPDR PORTFOLIO S&P 500 GROWTH ETNYSE Arca31.780010/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity6726
SPYVSPDR SERIES TRUST SPDR PORTFOLIO S&P 500 VALUE ETFNYSE Arca29.730010/20/201710/16/201710/20/2017ARCAEquity6726
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