Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
BB Upper (20 2) increasing for 10 bars and BB Lower (20 2) decreasing for 10 bars
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date BB Upper (20 2) BB Lower (20 2)
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CAKETHE CHEESECAKE FACTORY INC.8/4/2017Nasdaq GS45.13008/4/2017NGSM52.253745.3363
MCYMERCURY GENERAL CORP.8/4/2017NYSE59.42008/4/2017NYSE60.287550.6495
MULEMULESOFT, INC. CLASS A8/4/2017NYSE21.75008/4/2017NYSE28.589420.1106
SANMSANMINA CORP.8/4/2017Nasdaq GS35.75008/4/2017NGSM43.382033.9605
VVUSVIVUS, INC.8/4/2017Nasdaq GS1.02008/4/2017NGSM1.32571.0698
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