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BB Upper (20 2) decreasing for 10 bars and BB Lower (20 2) increasing for 10 bars and SMA (Volume 50) greater than or equal to 1000000
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date BB Upper (20 2) BB Lower (20 2) SMA (Volume 50)
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BUDANHEUSER-BUSCH INBEV SA ADR (BELGIUM)11/29/2019NYSE79.350011/29/2019NYSE79.908878.22021,246,288.1000
FITFITBIT, INC. CLASS A11/29/2019NYSE6.960011/29/2019NYSE7.18816.624917,762,435.1000
GNCGNC HLDGS, INC. CLASS A11/29/2019NYSE2.940011/29/2019NYSE3.37152.72751,345,978.0600
LYBLYONDELLBASELL INDUSTRIES NV CLASS A (NETHERLANDS)11/29/2019NYSE92.540011/29/2019NYSE98.623991.66911,996,008.9800
SERVSERVICEMASTER GLOBAL HLDGS, INC.11/29/2019NYSE39.190011/29/2019NYSE41.417232.65381,952,657.5200
SMSM ENERGY COMPANY11/29/2019NYSE8.310011/29/2019NYSE10.10657.99153,680,796.5400
TRNTRINITY INDUSTRIES, INC.11/29/2019NYSE21.040011/29/2019NYSE21.888520.68551,447,589.6400
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