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ADX Line (14 14) crossed above 20 in last 1 bars and +DI (14 14) greater than -DI (14 14)
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date ADX Line (14 14) +DI (14 14) -DI (14 14)
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ACELACCEL ENTERTAINMENT, INC.2/14/2020NYSE13.28002/14/2020NYSE20.480024.870212.6693
AIFAPOLLO TACTICAL INCOME FUND INC.2/14/2020NYSE15.66002/14/2020NYSE20.353424.740014.4997
AIVAPARTMENT INVESTMENT AND MGMT COMPANY2/14/2020NYSE54.80002/14/2020NYSE20.004124.898713.1132
AJXGREAT AJAX CORP.2/14/2020NYSE15.26002/14/2020NYSE20.141926.969916.0185
ALRMALARM.COM HLDGS, INC.2/14/2020Nasdaq GS47.66002/14/2020NGSM20.429427.720815.4063
AMH-GAMERICAN HOMES 4 RENT SERIES G CUMULATIVE REDEEMAB2/14/2020NYSE26.72002/14/2020NYSE20.223631.097919.3138
AMXAMERICA MOVIL, S.A.B. DE C.V. ADR SERIES L2/14/2020NYSE17.98002/14/2020NYSE20.063640.497919.3265
ARGDARGO GROUP INTL HLDGS, LTD. 6.5% SENIOR NOTES DUE 2/14/2020NYSE26.17502/14/2020NYSE20.297632.414716.0567
ARGXARGENX SE - ADR2/14/2020Nasdaq GS160.19002/14/2020NGSM20.026536.350618.7618
AVIDAVID TECH, INC.2/14/2020Nasdaq GS9.24002/14/2020NGSM20.312230.142812.4376
AVKADVENT CONV. AND INCOME FUND2/14/2020NYSE16.01002/14/2020NYSE21.245933.407415.0602
AZREAZURE POWER GLOBAL LIMITED EQUITY SHARES2/14/2020NYSE13.70002/14/2020NYSE22.113731.08309.7498
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