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ADX Line (14 14) crossed above 20 in last 1 bars and -DI (14 14) greater than +DI (14 14)
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date ADX Line (14 14) -DI (14 14) +DI (14 14)
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ANDETHE ANDERSONS, INC.5/18/2020Nasdaq GS11.65005/18/2020NGSM20.695433.400916.6255
ARDARDAGH GROUP S.A.5/18/2020NYSE11.41005/18/2020NYSE20.166025.069115.0910
BDNBRANDYWINE REALTY TRUST5/18/2020NYSE9.23005/18/2020NYSE20.369434.445320.5421
DSLVCREDIT SUISSE AG - VELOCITYSHARES 3X INVERSE SILVE5/18/2020Nasdaq GM11.39505/18/2020NGM21.062847.216717.9928
FTV-AFORTIVE CORP. 5.00% MANDATORY CONV. PFD STOCK, SER5/18/2020NYSE733.45005/18/2020NYSE20.758652.348327.7279
GJTSYNTHETIC FIXED-INCOME SECURITIES, INC. SYNTHETIC 5/18/2020NYSE17.80005/15/2020NYSE20.515062.615634.0372
IINTELSAT S.A.5/18/2020NYSE0.38265/18/2020NYSE20.936339.297015.7839
JGAURORA MOBILE LIMITED - ADR5/18/2020Nasdaq GM1.77005/18/2020NGM21.169430.03558.7663
SCHW-CTHE CHARLES SCHWAB CORP. DEPOSITARY SHARES EACH RE5/18/2020NYSE25.33005/18/2020NYSE20.577731.210214.7432
SPLP-ASTEEL PARTNERS HLDGS LP 6.0% SERIES A PFD UNITS, N5/18/2020NYSE15.86005/18/2020NYSE20.605125.065113.6097
TLFTANDY LEATHER FACTORY, INC.5/18/2020Nasdaq GM3.34685/18/2020NGM20.996542.334118.9068
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