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ADX Line (14 14) crossed above 20 in last 1 bars and -DI (14 14) greater than +DI (14 14)
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date ADX Line (14 14) -DI (14 14) +DI (14 14)
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AHTASHFORD HOSPITALITY TRUST INC5/3/2024NYSE1.24005/3/2024NYSE20.325426.011614.2292
AHT-HASHFORD HOSPITALITY TRUST INC 7.50% SERIES H CUMUL5/3/2024NYSE13.35005/3/2024NYSE20.210630.039317.1484
ALGALAMO GROUP, INC.5/3/2024NYSE193.97005/3/2024NYSE21.583941.110312.5356
BAXBAXTER INTL INC.5/3/2024NYSE36.89005/3/2024NYSE21.623638.104513.1791
CABOCABLE ONE, INC.5/3/2024NYSE378.45005/3/2024NYSE20.351829.617817.1909
CCCSCCC INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS HLDGS INC.5/3/2024Nasdaq GS10.81005/3/2024NGSM21.518533.454413.6826
DBVTDBV TECH S.A. - ADR5/3/2024Nasdaq GS0.66695/3/2024NGSM20.317014.40507.5448
DGIIDIGI INTL INC.5/3/2024Nasdaq GS25.73005/3/2024NGSM20.321242.423418.1186
DRVNDRIVEN BRANDS HLDGS INC.5/3/2024Nasdaq GS11.59005/3/2024NGSM20.411546.711813.2813
EICAEAGLE POINT INCOME COMPANY INC. 5.00% SERIES A TER5/3/2024NYSE23.20005/3/2024NYSE20.031934.766419.0190
EXELEXELIXIS, INC.5/3/2024Nasdaq GS21.90005/3/2024NGSM21.398437.650016.1282
FRSHFRESHWORKS INC. - CLASS A5/3/2024Nasdaq GS14.03005/3/2024NGSM20.367844.660213.0181
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