Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
ADX Line (14 14) crossed above 20 in last 1 bars and -DI (14 14) greater than +DI (14 14)
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date ADX Line (14 14) -DI (14 14) +DI (14 14)
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AVIRAVIRAGEN THERAPEUTICS, INC.1/4/2017Nasdaq GS1.23001/4/2017NGSM20.015822.726912.6399
EATBRINKER INTL, INC.1/4/2017NYSE48.59001/4/2017NYSE20.980628.762511.2118
ENSGTHE ENSIGN GROUP, INC.1/4/2017Nasdaq GS20.95001/4/2017NGSM20.655631.204514.7029
FENXFENIX PARTS, INC.1/4/2017Nasdaq GM2.77001/4/2017NGM20.059522.397814.3189
HPQHP INC.1/4/2017NYSE15.08001/4/2017NYSE20.054628.237715.9475
IIIINFORMATION SERVICES GROUP, INC.1/4/2017Nasdaq GM3.67001/4/2017NGM20.276426.036814.9079
IRWDIRONWOOD PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. - CLASS A1/4/2017Nasdaq GS15.35001/4/2017NGSM20.431823.913012.1564
JRJCCHINA FINANCE ONLINE CO. LIMITED - ADR REPRESENTIN1/4/2017Nasdaq GS3.56001/4/2017NGSM20.124521.17778.2952
NAV-DNAVISTAR INTL CORP. PFD STOCK1/4/2017NYSE11.00001/4/2017NYSE21.675464.609220.1964
ODCOIL-DRI CORP. OF AMERICA1/4/2017NYSE37.39001/4/2017NYSE20.641830.085613.4360
QUMUQUMU CORP.1/4/2017Nasdaq GS2.37001/4/2017NGSM20.277018.464110.5870
SBLKLSTAR BULK CARRIERS CORP. - 8.00% SENIOR NOTES DUE 1/4/2017Nasdaq GS21.77001/4/2017NGSM20.885535.594915.8111
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