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ADX Line (14 14) crossed above 20 in last 1 bars and -DI (14 14) greater than +DI (14 14)
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date ADX Line (14 14) -DI (14 14) +DI (14 14)
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ACBAURORA CANNABIS INC.12/31/2021Nasdaq GS5.410012/31/2021NGSM20.512423.828313.5131
ALTMALTUS MIDSTREAM COMPANY - CLASS A12/31/2021Nasdaq GM61.310012/31/2021NGM20.268925.114312.4929
AMPI+ADVANCED MERGER PARTNERS, INC. WTS, EACH WHOLE WT 12/31/2021NYSE0.770012/31/2021NYSE20.267546.166719.4571
BLZEBACKBLAZE, INC. - CLASS A12/31/2021Nasdaq GM16.890012/31/2021NGM20.449825.914113.7528
BRDS+BIRD GLOBAL, INC. WTS, EACH WHOLE WT EXERCISABLE T12/31/2021NYSE1.030012/31/2021NYSE20.182024.179014.6798
CHAACATCHA INVESTMENT CORP. CLASS A12/31/2021NYSE9.770012/31/2021NYSE20.494040.661412.3352
CUROCURO GROUP HLDGS CORP.12/31/2021NYSE16.010012/31/2021NYSE20.350428.513016.6822
DYNDYNE THERAPEUTICS, INC.12/31/2021Nasdaq GS11.890012/31/2021NGSM20.337127.056516.1154
INOINOVIO PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.12/31/2021Nasdaq GS4.990012/31/2021NGSM20.472633.366614.7127
RBAC+REDBALL ACQUISITION CORP. REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHO12/31/2021NYSE1.242412/31/2021NYSE20.181421.485112.9353
SAKSARATOGA INVESTMENT CORP 7.25% NOTES DUE 202512/31/2021NYSE25.780012/31/2021NYSE20.460434.856514.7010
TSATTELESAT CORP. - CLASS A AND CLASS B VARIABLE VOTIN12/31/2021Nasdaq GS28.670012/31/2021NGSM20.206927.058516.7815
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