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WMR (14) crossed below -80 in last 1 bars
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date WMR (14)
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AACAAC HLDGS, INC.4/13/2017NYSE8.08004/13/2017NYSE-83.8384
ABCAMERISOURCEBERGEN CORP.4/13/2017NYSE86.67004/13/2017NYSE-85.3723
ABCBAMERIS BANCORP4/13/2017Nasdaq GS43.20004/13/2017NGSM-93.2432
ABMABM INDUSTRIES INC.4/13/2017NYSE41.97004/13/2017NYSE-84.4444
ACTXGLOBAL X GURU ACTIVIST ETF4/13/2017Nasdaq GM14.40004/13/2017NGM-100.0000
ACWIISHARES MSCI ACWI INDEX FUND4/13/2017Nasdaq GM62.59004/13/2017NGM-100.0000
ACWXISHARES MSCI ACWI EX US INDEX FUND4/13/2017Nasdaq GM43.24004/13/2017NGM-97.1831
ACXMACXIOM CORP.4/13/2017Nasdaq GS26.93004/13/2017NGSM-99.4012
ADPAUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING, INC.4/13/2017Nasdaq GS101.26004/13/2017NGSM-85.5072
ADRDBLDRS DEVELOPED MARKETS 100 ADR INDEX FUND4/13/2017Nasdaq GM20.69404/13/2017NGM-98.4316
ADRUBLDRS EUROPE 100 ADR INDEX FUND4/13/2017Nasdaq GM20.22504/13/2017NGM-100.0000
AEGNAEGION CORP - CLASS A4/13/2017Nasdaq GS21.97004/13/2017NGSM-81.2500
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