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Close crossed below SMA (200) in last 1 bars and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000 and Close [-1] has been above SMA (200) for last 30 bars
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Close SMA (200) SMA (Volume 30) Close [-1]
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CRCCALIFORNIA RESOURCES CORP.9/19/2022NYSE43.27009/19/2022NYSE43.270043.2726839,235.300043.3000
ESTEEARTHSTONE ENERGY, INC. CLASS A9/19/2022NYSE13.64009/19/2022NYSE13.640013.84181,804,438.300014.0900
FWRGFIRST WATCH RESTAURANT GROUP, INC.9/19/2022Nasdaq GS15.03009/19/2022NGSM15.030015.0603253,018.766715.1100
KNTEKINNATE BIOPHARMA INC.9/19/2022Nasdaq GS11.73009/19/2022NGSM11.730011.8308135,290.833312.1700
NKTXNKARTA, INC.9/19/2022Nasdaq GS12.55009/19/2022NGSM12.550012.9413455,586.033313.4300
SBOWSILVERBOW RESORCES, INC.9/19/2022NYSE31.78009/19/2022NYSE31.780032.0801443,844.933332.8700
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