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Close crossed below SMA (200) in last 1 bars and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000 and Close [-1] has been above SMA (200) for last 30 bars
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Close SMA (200) SMA (Volume 30) Close [-1]
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CIBBANCOLOMBIA S.A.4/26/2021NYSE31.50004/26/2021NYSE31.500031.5308184,540.400031.6200
CWCOCONSOLIDATED WATER CO. LTD.4/26/2021Nasdaq GS12.17004/26/2021NGSM12.170012.1794103,754.233312.4700
PCGPACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC CO.4/26/2021NYSE10.80004/26/2021NYSE10.800010.824815,490,220.933310.9700
SNDRSCHNEIDER NATIONAL, INC.4/26/2021NYSE23.73004/26/2021NYSE23.730023.9361464,649.300024.3500
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