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Close crossed below SMA (200) in last 1 bars and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000 and Close [-1] has been above SMA (200) for last 30 bars
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Close SMA (200) SMA (Volume 30) Close [-1]
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HFCHOLLYFRONTIER CORP.1/3/2020NYSE48.18001/3/2020NYSE48.180048.82921,558,875.633351.3900
INCYINCYTE CORP.1/3/2020Nasdaq GS77.90001/3/2020NGSM77.900082.31691,603,880.166785.9700
LNDCLANDEC CORP.1/3/2020Nasdaq GS10.03001/3/2020NGSM10.030010.6027127,923.666711.1700
PGNXPROGENICS PHARMACEUTICALS INC.1/3/2020Nasdaq GS4.85001/3/2020NGSM4.85005.0127824,174.93335.0400
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