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Close crossed below SMA (200) in last 1 bars and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000 and Close [-1] has been above SMA (200) for last 30 bars
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Close SMA (200) SMA (Volume 30) Close [-1]
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CORECORE-MARK HLDG COMPANY, INC.11/27/2018Nasdaq GS25.900011/27/2018NGSM25.900026.2889389,484.133326.8600
EYPTEYEPOINT PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.11/27/2018Nasdaq GM2.060011/27/2018NGM2.06002.0668537,876.13332.0700
SASEABRIDGE GOLD, INC. (CANADA)11/27/2018NYSE11.370011/27/2018NYSE11.370011.4942462,771.133311.6200
SWNSOUTHWESTERN ENERGY COMPANY11/27/2018NYSE4.840011/27/2018NYSE4.84004.917020,895,119.40005.0500
TLYSTILLY'S, INC.11/27/2018NYSE14.950011/27/2018NYSE14.950014.9670379,353.400015.4300
TPBTURNING POINT BRANDS, INC.11/27/2018NYSE30.070011/27/2018NYSE30.070030.3108111,709.233330.6400
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