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Close crossed below SMA (200) in last 1 bars and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000 and Close [-1] has been above SMA (200) for last 30 bars
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Close SMA (200) SMA (Volume 30) Close [-1]
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ACNACCENTURE PLC CLASS A (IRELAND)4/3/2024NYSE332.28004/3/2024NYSE332.2800332.37072,363,891.9667336.4600
CHYCALAMOS CONV. AND HIGH INCOME FUND - CLOSED END FU4/3/2024Nasdaq GS11.39004/3/2024NGSM11.390011.4283145,072.233311.4500
COLMCOLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR COMPANY4/3/2024Nasdaq GS76.41004/3/2024NGSM76.410076.6436483,447.766777.7200
EQIXEQUINIX, INC.4/3/2024Nasdaq GS788.91004/3/2024NGSM788.9100792.6567688,786.8667792.6700
LSXMALIBERTY MEDIA CORP. - SERIES A LIBERTY SIRIUSXM4/3/2024Nasdaq GS27.52004/3/2024NGSM27.520027.85531,856,849.766728.4900
LSXMKLIBERTY MEDIA CORP. - SERIES C LIBERTY SIRIUSXM4/3/2024Nasdaq GS27.49004/3/2024NGSM27.490027.88052,722,167.066728.4400
PANWPALO ALTO NETWORKS, INC.4/3/2024Nasdaq GS269.54004/3/2024NGSM269.5400271.50798,538,634.5333273.4000
RPRXROYALTY PHARMA PLC - CLASS A4/3/2024Nasdaq GS28.80004/3/2024NGSM28.800028.97962,503,833.833329.4400
ULTAULTA BEAUTY, INC.4/3/2024Nasdaq GS439.98004/3/2024NGSM439.9800458.4440859,876.7333519.6800
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