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High equal to Weekly Highest (High 52)
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date High Weekly Highest (High 52)
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ARQTARCUTIS BIOTHERAPEUTICS, INC.3/20/2020Nasdaq GS33.32003/20/2020NGSM40.880040.8800
SCVXSCVX CORP. CLASS A3/20/2020NYSE9.20003/20/2020NYSE10.000010.0000
TDOCTELADOC HEALTH, INC.3/20/2020NYSE141.74003/20/2020NYSE158.2000158.2000
ZMZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS, INC. - CLASS A3/20/2020Nasdaq GS130.55003/20/2020NGSM135.9800135.9800
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