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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date High Weekly Highest (High 52)
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AACARES ACQUISITION CORP. CLASS A1/19/2023NYSE10.13001/19/2023NYSE10.140010.1400
ACACWACRI CAPITAL ACQUISITION CORP. - WARRANT1/19/2023Nasdaq GM0.10001/19/2023NGM0.36330.3633
ADALANTHEMIS DIGITAL ACQUISITIONS I CORP - CLASS A1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.33001/19/2023NGM10.330010.3300
AEAEALTENERGY ACQUISITION CORP. - CLASS A1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.25991/19/2023NGM10.260010.2600
AEAEUALTENERGY ACQUISITION CORP. - UNIT1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.36001/19/2023NGM10.360010.3600
AFARAURA FAT PROJECTS ACQUISITION CORP - CLASS A1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.28001/19/2023NGM10.300010.3000
AGNCLAGNC INVESTMENT CORP. - DEPOSITARY SHARES EACH REP1/19/2023Nasdaq GS22.90001/19/2023NGSM23.269523.2695
ALORUALSP ORCHID ACQUISITION CORP. I - UNIT1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.26001/12/2023NGM10.260010.2600
ALSAALPHA STAR ACQUISITION CORP.1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.30001/19/2023NGM10.300010.3000
AOGOAROGO CAPITAL ACQUISITION CORP. - CLASS A1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.20501/19/2023NGM10.210010.2100
AOGOUAROGO CAPITAL ACQUISITION CORP. - UNIT1/19/2023Nasdaq GM10.21001/13/2023NGM10.210010.2100
APCAAP ACQUISITION CORP CLASS A1/19/2023NYSE10.39001/18/2023NYSE10.390010.3900
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