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H-Ashi Open - H-Ashi Open [-1] has been below 0 for last 10 bars
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date H-Ashi Open - H-Ashi Open [-1]
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ABCLABCELLERA BIOLOGICS INC.6/28/2024Nasdaq GS2.96006/28/2024NGSM-0.0021
AEVAAEVA TECH, INC.6/28/2024NYSE2.52006/28/2024NYSE-0.0038
ALVOALVOTECH6/28/2024Nasdaq GM12.16006/28/2024NGM-0.3699
ALXOALX ONCOLOGY HLDGS INC.6/28/2024Nasdaq GS6.03006/28/2024NGSM-0.2602
AMBAAMBARELLA, INC.6/28/2024Nasdaq GS53.95006/28/2024NGSM-0.3214
AMBPARDAGH METAL PACKAGING S.A.6/28/2024NYSE3.40006/28/2024NYSE-0.0083
AMCXAMC NETWORKS INC. - CLASS A6/28/2024Nasdaq GS9.66006/28/2024NGSM-0.2756
AMRCAMERESCO, INC. CLASS A6/28/2024NYSE28.81006/28/2024NYSE-0.4228
ANGIANGI INC. - CLASS A6/28/2024Nasdaq GS1.92006/28/2024NGSM-0.0042
APAMPCO-PITTSBURGH CORP.6/28/2024NYSE0.77006/28/2024NYSE-0.0149
APIAGORA, INC. - ADS6/28/2024Nasdaq GS2.12006/28/2024NGSM-0.0304
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