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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date H-Ashi Open - H-Ashi Open [-1]
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AGTCAPPLIED GENETIC TECH CORP.2/7/2017Nasdaq GM6.45002/7/2017NGM-0.1291
ANGIANGIE'S LIST, INC.2/7/2017Nasdaq GS6.26002/7/2017NGSM-0.0588
APVOAPTEVO THERAPEUTICS INC.2/7/2017Nasdaq GS1.97002/7/2017NGSM-0.0197
ARDXARDELYX, INC.2/7/2017Nasdaq GM11.05002/7/2017NGM-0.2288
BAKBRASKEM SA ADR2/7/2017NYSE20.89002/7/2017NYSE-0.0154
BBOXBLACK BOX CORP.2/7/2017Nasdaq GS9.00002/7/2017NGSM-0.6875
CBRCIBER, INC.2/7/2017NYSE0.33992/7/2017NYSE-0.0049
CIACITIZENS, INC. CLASS A ($1.00 PAR)2/7/2017NYSE9.22002/7/2017NYSE-0.0009
CORECORE-MARK HLDG COMPANY, INC.2/7/2017Nasdaq GS32.68002/7/2017NGSM-0.2289
CORICORIUM INTL, INC.2/7/2017Nasdaq GM2.83002/7/2017NGM-0.1795
CRSPCRISPR THERAPEUTICS AG2/7/2017Nasdaq GM15.22002/7/2017NGM-0.2926
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