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MACD Line (12 26 9) increasing for 2 bars and MACD EMA (12 26 9) [-2] decreasing for 20 bars and MACD Line (12 26 9) less than 0 and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date MACD Line (12 26 9) MACD EMA (12 26 9) [-2] SMA (Volume 30)
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AAXJISHARES MSCI ALL COUNTRY ASIA EX JAPAN INDEX FUND5/31/2019Nasdaq GM65.83005/31/2019NGM-1.4579-1.37781,588,762.1000
AMKRAMKOR TECH, INC.5/31/2019Nasdaq GS6.48005/31/2019NGSM-0.5327-0.48801,102,493.0667
AUOAU OPTRONICS CORP ADR5/31/2019NYSE2.92005/31/2019NYSE-0.1803-0.1677886,548.3667
AVALGRUPO AVAL ACCIONES Y VALORES S.A. ADR (EACH REPRE5/31/2019NYSE6.93005/31/2019NYSE-0.2383-0.2160110,257.3333
BBWBUILD-A-BEAR WORKSHOP, INC.5/31/2019NYSE5.04005/31/2019NYSE-0.1582-0.1636199,033.2667
BERYBERRY GLOBAL GROUP, INC.5/31/2019NYSE47.02005/31/2019NYSE-2.0151-1.91671,681,907.2667
CAFMORGAN STANLEY CHINA A SHARE FUND INC.5/31/2019NYSE20.24005/31/2019NYSE-0.6971-0.6510113,936.8667
CBSCBS CORP. CLASS B5/31/2019NYSE48.28005/31/2019NYSE-0.5572-0.54442,247,002.8667
CETVCENTRAL EUROPEAN MEDIA ENTERPRISES LTD. - CLASS A5/31/2019Nasdaq GS3.67005/31/2019NGSM-0.0726-0.0626315,977.2333
CHUCHINA UNICOM (HONG KONG) LTD5/31/2019NYSE10.50005/31/2019NYSE-0.4147-0.4228354,653.9000
CIBBANCOLOMBIA S.A.5/31/2019NYSE46.97005/31/2019NYSE-1.1978-1.3760311,690.2000
CIFSCHINA INTERNET NATIONWIDE FINANCIAL SERVICES INC.5/31/2019Nasdaq GM1.88025/31/2019NGM-0.2663-0.2493200,603.7000
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