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MACD Line (12 26 9) increasing for 2 bars and MACD EMA (12 26 9) [-2] decreasing for 20 bars and MACD Line (12 26 9) less than 0 and SMA (Volume 30) greater than or equal to 100000
Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date MACD Line (12 26 9) MACD EMA (12 26 9) [-2] SMA (Volume 30)
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AAXJISHARES MSCI ALL COUNTRY ASIA EX JAPAN INDEX FUND3/29/2021Nasdaq GM92.10003/29/2021NGM-1.2428-0.92161,059,469.1000
ACADACADIA PHARMACEUTICALS INC.3/29/2021Nasdaq GS25.30003/29/2021NGSM-5.6173-5.73052,886,665.5667
ACTGACACIA RESEARCH CORP.3/29/2021Nasdaq GS6.15003/29/2021NGSM-0.2310-0.17981,272,177.4333
AIAISHARES ASIA 50 ETF3/29/2021Nasdaq GM91.62003/29/2021NGM-1.3790-0.9842423,967.3000
AJAXAJAX I CLASS A3/29/2021NYSE10.66003/29/2021NYSE-0.3889-0.43501,859,772.6000
AJAX+AJAX I REDEEMABLE WTS, EACH WHOLE WT EXERCISABLE F3/29/2021NYSE1.82003/29/2021NYSE-0.4126-0.4157253,544.2667
AJRDAEROJET ROCKETDYNE HLDGS, INC.3/29/2021NYSE47.24003/29/2021NYSE-1.0492-1.13521,053,446.3333
ALUSALUSSA ENERGY ACQUISITION CORP. CLASS A3/29/2021NYSE10.10003/29/2021NYSE-0.3775-0.38521,398,065.9667
AMRCAMERESCO, INC. CLASS A3/29/2021NYSE41.69003/29/2021NYSE-3.7812-3.6547784,547.4667
APSGAPOLLO STRATEGIC GROWTH CAPITAL CLASS A3/29/2021NYSE9.95003/29/2021NYSE-0.1698-0.1495749,980.1333
APSG+APOLLO STRATEGIC GROWTH CAPITAL WTS, EACH EXERCISA3/29/2021NYSE1.35003/29/2021NYSE-0.1817-0.1853241,109.1667
ASAQATLANTIC STREET ACQUISITION CORP CLASS A3/29/2021NYSE9.75003/29/2021NYSE-0.1072-0.1006101,546.6000
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