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Symbol Id Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Yearly Shares (000s) Yearly Shares (000s) [-1] Yearly Change % (Shares (000s) 1)
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JEFJEFFERIES FINANCIAL GROUP INC.NYSE20.07002/7/2019305,716323,0732/7/2019NYSEEquity2011Financial ServicesAsset Management-5.37
MVCMVC CAPITAL, INC.NYSE9.16002/7/201917,81418,8212/7/2019NYSEEquity6200Financial ServicesAsset Management-5.35
PLXSPLEXUS CORP.Nasdaq GS56.76002/7/201930,91433,2932/7/2019NGSMEquity3672TechnologyContract Manufacturers-7.15
RGSREGIS CORP.NYSE18.43002/7/201940,23644,3282/7/2019NYSEEquity7200Consumer CyclicalPersonal Services-9.23
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