Example Strategy Description
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52 Week Highs

This Strategy Buys when an instrument is at it's 52 week high and Sells when Stop or Target rules are met.

Custom Strategy

This is the site default Strategy and Buys when the price for an instrument crosses moves above 100 and Sells when stops or targets are met.

Moving Average Cross

This Strategy Buys when an instrument moves above the Exponential Moving Average and Sells when the instrument moves back below the EMA.

Random EntriesThis Strategy enters a different set of Trades each Test which can help optimize other aspects of a Strategy besides entries.
Single Stock Constant Position

This Strategy always has a Long or Short position in the instrument reversing as the MACD Histogram moves above or below zero.

Weekly Entries and ExitsThis Strategy uses the 'Days to Enter / Exit' setting to indicate which day of the week (or month) to enter and exit trades.