Registration and Subscription FAQs

1. What are the technical requirements for using the site?
Cookies and JavaScript are required. Cookies are required to keep track of your information and for secure authentication when you are logged in. JavaScript is required to support dynamic features.

2. Why do I have to give you my email address?

The primary reason why we require an email address is so that the site can send you a new password if you should forget your current one. We will not sell you email address to anyone. We would only give your email address to another party under the specific legal circumstances detailed in our privacy policy.

3. What are the costs if any for using this service?
The Subscription page shows the plans which are available and a more detailed comparison is shown on the plan comparison page.

4. How do I cancel my renewable subscription? provides self-managed subscriptions. You can cancel by going to My account > My subscription

5. What do I do if I forget my Password?

If you forget your password you can request a new one using the password page.

The site will then send you a new password. You should Log In using your new password and then update it to a password of your choice as soon as possible using My account.

Please note that we cannot send you your current password as it is held in an unreadable form. And each time you request a password a new one is generated. So if you request a new password several times only the one from the last email will work.

6. How do I change my subscription to a different renewal period or plan?
To change your subscription from one period to another, or to another plan, please follow these steps:
  • cancel your subscription agreement from within, by logging in and going to My account > My subscription
  • after cancelling, check your Subscription details within Profitspi at My subscription. You should see that instead of showing a Next Renewal Date it will now show a Subscription Expiry Date
  • choose the new Plan / Period and click Sign Up
  • this will result in a new subscription agreement starting today, but you will be given credit for any unused days left over from your cancelled monthly agreement.

If you have any questions, comments or encounter any problems with the above please contact us for assistance.