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The entry-level Bronze subscription provides standard charting, screening, and portfolio tracking but limited strategy backtesting. Learn more...
Bronze - 9.95USD per month
The intermediate Silver subscription allows for more studies on a chart and more historical depth to screening, portfolio tracking and backtesting. Learn more...
Silver - 19.95USD per month
The advanced Gold subscription provides unlimited portfolio tracking and the most extensive historical data for strategy backtesting. Learn more...
Gold - 29.95USD per month
Visitors can access all pages of the site but features are restricted. You can enter any information you wish, and adjust preferences, but these are held for the duration of the session only. Learn more...
Visitor / Trial
Discounts for longer renewal periods are available during the sign-up process.
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Try Out All Features as a Visitor

Before subscribing, visitors can access all pages of the site and try out the available features subject to the limitations shown on the plan comparison page.

Visitors can enter data and change settings but these are held for the duration of the current session only.

Automatic Renewals

You will be charged automatically at your selected period interval but you may cancel your subscription online at any time. After cancellation your subscription will expire on it's next renewal date.

Cards and Currencies

Profitspi Subscription prices are quoted in US Dollars. However, you may choose to have your PayPal payments in the currency of your PayPal account. Exchange rates are determined by PayPal.

Refund Policy

Any refunds will be given at the discretion of company management.

Further Help

Visit the subscriber help pages for more information or email us using our contact page.

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