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Average Volume

The average volume indicator displays a simple moving average of volume.

Average Volume Example

In this example, the average volume decreased when the price was in a trading range between 275 and 320 but started to increase again when the price broke out:

Average Volume

Average Volume Parameters

Period - the number of bars in the time period (default 50)

Average Volume Calculation

The calculation for each bar is as follows:

Sum ( Volume[Period bars ago thru current bar] ) / Period

In other words, if you are calculating a 50 day moving average over a hundred bars:

  • the average for bar 50 is the sum of bars 1 thru 50 divided by 50
  • and the average for bar 100 is the sum of bars 51 thru 100 divided by 50.

Try an average volume chart or an average volume screen.

Average Volume

Median Price


On Balance Volume

Cumulative Price Change %

Price Change %

Rate of Change

Typical Price

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