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Backtesting Preferences

The backtesting preferences page allows you to specify various global defaults to be applied to all of your strategy backtests.

You can also control the appearance of strategy trade charts by combining default overlays and studies with those derived from strategy criteria.

See the backtesting help guide for more general information about strategy backtesting.

Entry / Exit Costs & Slippage

Enter percentage adjustments to account for entry and exit costs, ie brokerage. For example, an Entry Costs % of 0.1 on a trade which has a value of 10,000usd will result in an additional 10usd cost.

A Slippage % of 0.2 will mean that all entry and exit prices are adjusted, for example, a Buy price of 25usd will become 25.05usd. All prices are affected including stops.

When to Enter or Exit a Trade

You can choose to enter or exit trades at the close of the day when the signal, or at the open of the following day.

Please note that these options apply to Buy, Sell, Short, and Cover activities. Stops and Targets have their own options on the 'Postion Sizing, Stops and Targets' page.

Calculation of Trailing Stop

When calculating the trailing loss you can choose whether it should use the best close price achieved during the trade or the best high price (low for shorts).

Strategy Trade Charts

Standard Charts

Standard Charts are displayed on the stock charts page when you click on the trade results to drill down to the charts. Choose the combination of overlays and studies you would like to see.

Overlays and Studies

Specify your default overlays and studies to be shown or combined with those from the strategy criteria.

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