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Custom Strategy

A strategy consists of trade criteria, stops, targets, and position sizing rules. Once you have created a strategy you can then backtest it against a variety of stocks over a selected time period. Various reports and charts are provided to analyze the results of each test.

See the backtesting help guide for more general information about strategy backtesting.

Trade Criteria

Enter criteria which will cause Buy or Short Sell trades to occur, together with Sell or Cover Short criteria which will cause trades to be closed.

See trade criteria for more information.

Position Sizing, Stops and Targets

Choose a position sizing algorithm to apply to the test and also any stops or targets if applicable.

See position sizing, stops & targets for more information.

Test Strategy

Choose the symbols and date range for the test.

See test strategy for more information.

Analyze Results

View the various reports and charts to get detailed feedback on the performance of the test.

See strategy results for more information.

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Custom Strategy

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