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Test Strategy

This page allows you to backtest your strategy against a selected group of stocks over a range of dates.

See the backtesting help guide for more general information about backtesting.

Symbols Ids

Enter one or more symbols separated by commas.

Exchange, Index or Watch List

Or choose the Exchange, Index or Watch List for the test, Eg NASDAQ stocks only.

Sector : Industry

Choose a Sector or Industry to restrict the test to companies of a particular type.

Discontinued symbols

Currently, when any stock is delisted, taken over, etc that symbol and it's price history are removed from the database and will not be included when backtesting. This could have an effect on your testing as  one or more of these stocks may have met your trade conditions. This can skew your results in either direction, eg bad stocks may have been delisted and good stocks may have been taken over.

Also be aware when comparing performance against indices that many indices are actively managed and the components change regularly.

Prioritize Multiple Symbols

Often there will be more potential trades available for a particular day than there are trade slots available. (The Position Sizing and Stops page includes settings for maximum open positions and maximum new positions on any one day.) Choose how you would like to prioritize stocks in such a situation. This is similar to running a screen and then sorting by one of the columns.

Signal in Opposite Direction can cause existing position to be closed

Usually, if a symbol is already in a position then it can only be closed by stops, targets, or sell or cover short criteria.

However, you may have a strategy where you want a symbol to be in a trade all the time. For example you could have a strategy which contains only Buy and Short Sell criteria. Once a symbol is in a position then, depending on the criteria, it would continually close the existing position and enter a new one in the opposite direction (E.g. long to short or short to long). In this case you would need to set this option.

Test Period

Choose the ranges of dates over which the test should run.

Backtest Results

After clicking the Run Test button you will be available to view various reports and charts containing the results of the strategy.

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